Intel patents granted on 15 June 2010

30 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,739,724 Techniques for authenticated posture reporting and associated enforcement of network access
2 7,739,684 Virtual direct memory access crossover
3 7,739,662 Methods and apparatus to analyze processor systems
4 7,739,532 Method, apparatus and system for enhanced CPU frequency governers
5 7,739,527 System and method to enable processor management policy in a multi-processor environment
6 7,739,521 Method of obscuring cryptographic computations
7 7,739,517 Hardware-based authentication of a software program
8 7,739,483 Method and apparatus for increasing load bandwidth
9 7,739,466 Method and apparatus for supporting immutable memory
10 7,739,319 Method and apparatus for parallel table lookup using SIMD instructions
11 7,738,657 System and method for multi-precision division
12 7,738,594 Method to maintain RF power amplifier linearity in varying load VSWR conditions without isolator
13 7,738,585 Scalable system to adaptively transmit and receive including adaptive antenna signal and back-end processors
14 7,738,579 Systems and methods for adaptive bit loading in a multiple antenna orthogonal frequency division multiplexed communication system
15 7,738,546 Feed forward equalizer for a communication system
16 7,738,502 Signal noise filtering in a serial interface
17 7,738,484 Method, system, and apparatus for system level initialization
18 7,738,432 Dynamic network activation apparatus, systems, and methods
19 7,738,415 Methods and apparatus for providing a packet classification protocol associated with a broadcast wireless access network
20 7,738,397 Generating topology information identifying devices in a network topology
21 7,738,350 Probe storage with doped diamond-like carbon medium and current limiter
22 7,738,257 Microelectronic device including bridging interconnect to top conductive layer of passive embedded structure and method of making same
23 7,737,997 Collision detection of concave bodies using art gallery problem and cube maps
24 7,737,894 CMOS IC and high-gain antenna integration for point-to-point wireless communication
25 7,737,770 Power switches having positive-channel high dielectric constant insulated gate field effect transistors
26 7,737,669 Hierarchical control for an integrated voltage regulator
27 7,737,420 Pixelated modulation of illumination pupil image
28 7,737,031 Insitu formation of inverse floating gate poly structures
29 7,737,025 Via including multiple electrical paths
30 7,736,956 Lateral undercut of metal gate in SOI device