Intel patents granted on 15 March 2016

57 US patents granted on 15 March 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,288,933 Metal injection molded heat dissipation device
2 9,288,841 Direct digital frequency generation using time and amplitude
3 9,288,813 Multi-radio controller and methods for preventing interference between co-located transceivers
4 9,288,800 Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation
5 9,288,797 Support for asynchronous adaptation to uplink and downlink traffic demands for wireless communication
6 9,288,757 Techniques for conserving power for communication between wireless devices
7 9,288,756 Systems and methods for device-to-device communication in the absence of network coverage
8 9,288,755 Inter-rat coverage determination for energy saving management
9 9,288,743 Uplink power control scheme for distributed RRH systems with same cell ID
10 9,288,742 Opportunistic carrier aggregation using short range extension carriers
11 9,288,734 Traffic splitting based on latency between cells
12 9,288,698 Handling signal quality measurements in a wireless communication network
13 9,288,633 Systems and methods for revisit location detection
14 9,288,632 Simultaneous localization and mapping using spatial and temporal coherence for indoor location
15 9,288,629 Mobile device positioning system
16 9,288,539 System and method for a user interface to manage the recording, downloading and sharing of content from multiple sources
17 9,288,434 Apparatus and method for congestion control in wireless communication networks
18 9,288,291 Method and apparatus for a 1 MHZ long training field design
19 9,288,260 Apparatus, system, and methods for facilitating one-way ordering of messages
20 9,288,160 GID capable switching in an infiniband fabric
21 9,288,094 Adaptive channel prediction and mitigating interference in OFDM systems
22 9,288,019 Apparatuses, methods, and systems for jitter equalization and phase error detection
23 9,287,964 Millimeter-wave relay device with bounded delay and method for retransmission of symbols
24 9,287,702 Universal power interface
25 9,287,630 Dual-band folded meta-inspired antenna with user equipment embedded wideband characteristics
26 9,287,576 Self-powered internal medical device
27 9,287,498 Dielectric thin film on electrodes for resistance change memory devices
28 9,287,380 Gate electrode having a capping layer
29 9,287,364 Active regions with compatible dielectric layers
30 9,287,248 Embedded memory and power management subpackage
31 9,287,208 Architecture for on-die interconnect
32 9,287,196 Resonant clocking for three-dimensional stacked devices
33 9,286,976 Apparatuses and methods for detecting write completion for resistive memory
34 9,286,975 Mitigating read disturb in a cross-point memory
35 9,286,964 Method, apparatus and system for responding to a row hammer event
36 9,286,655 Content aware video resizing
37 9,286,267 Performing rounding operations responsive to an instruction
38 9,286,245 Hardware enforced memory access permissions
39 9,286,237 Memory imbalance prediction based cache management
40 9,286,235 Virtual memory address range register
41 9,286,224 Constraining prefetch requests to a processor socket
42 9,286,205 Apparatus and method for phase change memory drift management
43 9,286,172 Fault-aware mapping for shared last level cache (LLC)
44 9,286,137 Achieving deterministic execution of time critical code sections in multi-core systems
45 9,286,128 Processor scheduling with thread performance estimation on cores of different types
46 9,286,125 Processing engine implementing job arbitration with ordering status
47 9,286,097 Switching a first OS in a foreground to a standby state in response to a system event and resuming a second OS from a background
48 9,285,997 Independently selective tile group access with data structuring
49 9,285,889 Electrode arrangement for a keyboard proximity and tracking sensor
50 9,285,855 Predicting future power level states for processor cores
51 9,285,853 Providing power to integrated electronics within a cable
52 9,285,845 Method and apparatus for cooling devices using phase change materials
53 9,285,826 Deterministic clock crossing
54 9,285,682 Pre-patterned hard mask for ultrafast lithographic imaging
55 9,285,668 MEMS micro-mirror device
56 9,285,391 Optomechanical inertial sensor
57 9,283,641 Flux materials for heated solder placement and associated techniques and configurations