Intel patents granted on 15 November 2016

68 US patents granted on 15 November 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,497,797 Radio communication devices and methods for operating radio communication devices
2 9,497,785 Techniques for exchanging beamforming information for a dual connection to user equipment
3 9,497,762 Multicarrier techniques for wireless systems
4 9,497,748 Downlink resource scheduling
5 9,497,740 ANDSF parameters for WLAN network selection
6 9,497,720 Apparatus, method and system of synchronizing between wireless communication devices
7 9,497,713 Accurate uplink power control for CoMP and C-RAN
8 9,497,682 Central processing unit and methods for supporting coordinated multipoint transmission in an LTE network
9 9,497,662 Methods and devices for reducing signaling overhead
10 9,497,657 Trusted WLAN connectivity to 3GPP evolved packet core
11 9,497,651 Techniques for mmWave-capable small cell detection
12 9,497,485 Coding unit size dependent simplified depth coding for 3D video coding
13 9,497,241 Content adaptive high precision macroblock rate control
14 9,497,230 Apparatus and method for computer controlled call processing applications in packet switched telephone networks
15 9,497,210 Stateless attestation system
16 9,497,180 Content access authentication for dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol
17 9,497,171 Method, device, and system for securely sharing media content from a source device
18 9,497,148 Context-based automated/intelligent content management
19 9,497,130 Device, system and method of selectively aborting reception of wireless communication packets
20 9,497,086 Computing system with off-load processing for networking related tasks
21 9,497,029 Hardening of direct anonymous attestation from side-channel attack
22 9,496,973 User equipment and methods for handover enhancement using reference signal received quality (RSRQ)
23 9,496,907 Circuit arrangement for processing a radio-frequency signal
24 9,496,852 Digital current sensing in power controller
25 9,496,744 Wireless charging optimization utilizing an NFC module that detects induced current and provides an indication of induced current
26 9,496,682 Laser driver and method of operating a laser
27 9,496,656 Conductive attachment for shielding radiation
28 9,496,633 Memory module adaptor card
29 9,496,630 Integrated package insertion and loading mechanism (iPILM)
30 9,496,592 Rack level pre-installed interconnect for enabling cableless server/storage/networking deployment
31 9,496,486 Perpendicular spin transfer torque memory (STTM) device having offset cells and method to form same
32 9,496,231 Bypass ring to improve noise isolation of coils and inductors
33 9,496,211 Logic die and other components embedded in build-up layers
34 9,496,209 High density organic bridge device and method
35 9,496,173 Thickened stress relief and power distribution layer
36 9,496,161 Methods and devices for securing and transporting singulated die in high volume manufacturing
37 9,495,967 Collaborative audio conversation attestation
38 9,495,797 Hardware accelerated simulation of atmospheric scattering
39 9,495,593 Method and apparatus for controlling content capture of prohibited content
40 9,495,540 Method and system for monitoring calls to an application program interface (API) function
41 9,495,397 Sensor associated data of multiple devices based computing
42 9,495,324 Efficient distribution of subnet administration data over an RDMA network
43 9,495,320 Removing upstream dead cycles in a data communications bus
44 9,495,303 Fine grained address remapping for virtualization
45 9,495,233 Error framework for a microprocesor and system
46 9,495,232 Error correcting (ECC) memory compatibility
47 9,495,177 Techniques for pre-OS image rewriting to provide cross-architecture support, security introspection, and performance optimization
48 9,495,168 Allocation of alias registers in a pipelined schedule
49 9,495,166 Method and apparatus for performing a shift and exclusive or operation in a single instruction
50 9,495,165 Method and apparatus for performing a shift and exclusive or operation in a single instruction
51 9,495,162 Apparatus and method for performing a permute operation
52 9,495,160 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
53 9,495,159 Two level re-order buffer
54 9,495,155 Methods, apparatus, instructions and logic to provide population count functionality for genome sequencing and alignment
55 9,495,153 Methods, apparatus, and instructions for converting vector data
56 9,495,103 Read training a memory controller
57 9,495,082 Service in support of browser for multi-media content
58 9,495,017 Computing systems for peripheral control
59 9,495,002 Apparatuses, methods, and systems for providing a dynamic bias voltage to one or more transistors of a transceiver
60 9,495,001 Forcing core low power states in a processor
61 9,494,998 Rescheduling workloads to enforce and maintain a duty cycle
62 9,494,996 Processor having frequency of operation information for guaranteed operation under high temperature events
63 9,494,981 Retractable support mechanism for an electronic device
64 9,494,750 Optical connector assembly
65 9,494,736 Technologies for generating a broadband optical output
66 9,494,680 Radar based interpretation of 3D codes
67 9,494,415 Object position determination
68 9,493,340 MEMS devices utilizing a thick metal layer of an interconnect metal film stack