Intel patents granted on 15 September 2009

36 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,590,930 Instructions for performing modulo-2 multiplication and bit reflection
2 7,590,913 Method and apparatus of reporting memory bit correction
3 7,590,867 Method and apparatus for providing secure virtualization of a trusted platform module
4 7,590,864 Trusted patching of trusted code
5 7,590,825 Counter-based memory disambiguation techniques for selectively predicting load/store conflicts
6 7,590,820 Efficient algorithm for multiple page size support in IPF long format VHPT
7 7,590,805 Monitor implementation in a multicore processor with inclusive LLC
8 7,590,804 Pseudo least recently used replacement/allocation scheme in request agent affinitive set-associative snoop filter
9 7,590,789 Optimizing clock crossing and data path latency
10 7,590,788 Controlling transmission on an asynchronous bus
11 7,590,784 Detecting and resolving locks in a memory unit
12 7,590,747 Distributed storage cluster architecture
13 7,590,729 Method and apparatus for content based switching
14 7,590,473 Thermal management using an on-die thermal sensor
15 7,590,392 Transmitter compensation
16 7,590,300 Image filtering methods and apparatus
17 7,590,291 Method and apparatus for non-parametric hierarchical clustering
18 7,590,205 Receiver with sliding intermediate frequency (IF) architecture and programmable bandwidth and method
19 7,590,173 System and method for performing adaptive phase equalization
20 7,590,135 Methods and apparatus to perform security related operations on received signals
21 7,590,124 Encapsulation technique
22 7,590,102 Multi-stage packet switching system
23 7,590,101 Remote operations using wireless personal area network
24 7,589,962 Apparatus for cooling a heat dissipating device located within a portable computer
25 7,589,788 Method and apparatus for video motion compensation, reduction and color formatting
26 7,589,746 Optimized frustum clipping via cached clip vertices
27 7,589,711 User interface device with double sensor input to capture rotation
28 7,589,521 Universal cover for a burn-in socket
29 7,589,424 Thin silicon based substrate
30 7,589,417 Microelectronic assembly having thermoelectric elements to cool a die and a method of making the same
31 7,589,414 I/O Architecture for integrated circuit package
32 7,589,395 Multiple-dice packages using elements between dice to control application of underfill material to reduce void formation
33 7,589,343 Memory and access device and method therefor
34 7,588,992 Integrated thin-film capacitor with etch-stop layer, process of making same, and packages containing same
35 7,588,968 Linked chip attach and underfill
36 7,588,965 Stencil and method for depositing material onto a substrate