Intel patents granted on 16 August 2011

28 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,001,584 Method for secure device discovery and introduction
2 8,001,569 Identifying ancillary information associated with an audio/video program
3 8,001,446 Pipelined cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
4 8,001,444 ECC functional block placement in a multi-channel mass storage device
5 8,001,421 Compiler technique for efficient register checkpointing to support transaction roll-back
6 8,001,385 Method and apparatus for flash updates with secure flash
7 8,001,364 Dynamically migrating channels
8 8,001,348 Method to qualify access to a block storage device via augmentation of the device’s controller and firmware flow
9 8,001,308 Method and system for handling a management interrupt event in a multi-processor computing device
10 8,001,282 Virtualization aware hard drive
11 8,001,278 Network packet payload compression
12 8,000,674 Canceling self-jammer and interfering signals in an RFID system
13 8,000,672 Rail-to-rail data receiver for high-speed communication
14 8,000,565 Buried dual taper waveguide for passive alignment and photonic integration
15 8,000,506 Fingerprint detecting wireless device
16 8,000,278 De-activation, at least in part, of receiver, in response, at least in part, to determination that an idle condition exists
17 8,000,216 Double-electrode cantilever actuation for seek-scan-probe data access
18 7,999,988 Optical modulator using a dual output laser embedded in a mach zehnder interferometer
19 7,999,877 Displaying data on lower resolution displays
20 7,999,824 Analyzing alpha values for flicker filtering
21 7,999,688 Embedded assessment of refuse for activity monitoring
22 7,999,607 Power switches having positive-channel high dielectric constant insulated gate field effect transistors
23 7,999,586 Digital phase locked loop with closed loop linearization technique
24 7,999,351 Phase memorization for low leakage dielectric films
25 7,999,298 Embedded memory cell and method of manufacturing same
26 7,999,042 Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) thermosetting resins for integrated circuit applications
27 7,998,857 Integrated circuit and process for fabricating thereof
28 7,996,989 Heat dissipating device with preselected designed interface for thermal interface materials