Intel patents granted on 16 December 2008

25 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,467,414 Entitlement security and control for information system entitlement
2 7,467,381 Resource partitioning and direct access utilizing hardware support for virtualization
3 7,467,377 Methods and apparatus for compiler managed first cache bypassing
4 7,467,286 Executing partial-width packed data instructions
5 7,467,285 Maintaining shadow page tables in a sequestered memory region
6 7,467,281 Mapping data blocks to storage blocks to wrap around storage devices
7 7,467,256 Processor having content addressable memory for block-based queue structures
8 7,467,212 Control of access control lists based on social networks
9 7,467,151 Method and data structure for a low memory overhead database
10 7,467,104 Digital content pricing methods and articles
11 7,467,059 Extended thermal management
12 7,466,964 Wireless communication device and method for coordinated channel access with reduced latency in a wireless network
13 7,466,781 Programmable filter
14 7,466,723 Various methods and apparatuses for lane to lane deskewing
15 7,466,180 Clock network
16 7,466,176 Voltage regulator for microelectronic devices using dual edge pulse width modulated control signal
17 7,466,174 Fast lock scheme for phase locked loops and delay locked loops
18 7,466,025 Formation of interconnect structures by removing sacrificial material with supercritical carbon dioxide
19 7,465,976 Tunneling field effect transistor using angled implants for forming asymmetric source/drain regions
20 7,465,651 Integrated circuit packages with reduced stress on die and associated methods
21 7,465,636 Methods for forming semiconductor wires and resulting devices
22 7,465,605 In-situ functionalization of carbon nanotubes
23 7,465,578 Nucleic acid sequencing by Raman monitoring of uptake of precursors during molecular replication
24 7,465,368 Die molding for flip chip molded matrix array package using UV curable tape
25 7,465,188 Compact PCB connector