Intel patents granted on 16 December 2014

39 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,914,894 Enhanced privacy for provision of computer vision
2 8,914,818 Media device power management techniques
3 8,914,800 Behavioral model based multi-threaded architecture
4 8,914,704 Mechanism for achieving high memory reliablity, availability and serviceability
5 8,914,678 Systems and methods for debugging model based message sequences
6 8,914,672 General purpose hardware to replace faulty core components that may also provide additional processor functionality
7 8,914,650 Dynamically adjusting power of non-core processor circuitry including buffer circuitry
8 8,914,641 Method for signing and verifying data using multiple hash algorithms and digests in PKCS
9 8,914,618 Instruction set architecture-based inter-sequencer communications with a heterogeneous resource
10 8,914,617 Tracking mechanism coupled to retirement in reorder buffer for indicating sharing logical registers of physical register in record indexed by logical register
11 8,914,613 Vector shuffle instructions operating on multiple lanes each having a plurality of data elements using a same set of per-lane control bits
12 8,914,568 Hybrid memory architectures
13 8,914,556 Direct I/O access for system co-processors
14 8,914,541 Dynamically modulating link width
15 8,914,537 Methods and apparatuses for rate adaptation of quality of service based application
16 8,914,430 Multiply add functional unit capable of executing scale, round, GETEXP, round, GETMANT, reduce, range and class instructions
17 8,914,157 Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating power in a data center
18 8,914,080 Determining device, method for determining of transmitting parameter, energy transmitting device and method for wirelessly transmitting energy
19 8,914,066 Field programming of a mobile station with subscriber identification and related information
20 8,913,740 Method and apparatus for generating an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) key schedule
21 8,913,679 Systems and methods for jointly detecting channel interference on a synchronized mobile communication network
22 8,913,639 Laser safety techniques and configurations
23 8,913,591 Mobile communication device and method for performing radio link performance measurements
24 8,913,586 Gateway association
25 8,913,564 Method and system for dynamic bandwidth allocation between networks
26 8,913,562 Method of accessing a physical random access channel, method of signaling access information for accessing a physical random access channel, mobile communication terminal and base station
27 8,913,550 Clustering management in mmWave wireless systems
28 8,913,533 Modulation scheme for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems or the like
29 8,913,518 Enhanced node B, user equipment and methods for discontinuous reception in inter-ENB carrier aggregation
30 8,913,510 Method and apparatus for collision detection in wider bandwidth operation
31 8,913,425 Phase change memory mask
32 8,913,422 Decreased switching current in spin-transfer torque memory
33 8,913,379 Telecommunications chassis having mezzanine card interfaces
34 8,913,364 Decoupling arrangement
35 8,913,085 Object mapping techniques for mobile augmented reality applications
36 8,912,851 Apparatus and method for providing amplifier linearity information
37 8,912,830 Method and apparatus for atomic frequency and voltage changes
38 8,912,823 Voltage compensated level-shifter
39 8,912,670 Bumpless build-up layer package including an integrated heat spreader