Intel patents granted on 16 February 2016

69 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D749,568 Wearable computing device
2 D749,562 Electronic computer with an at least partially transparent input device
3 D749,561 Electronic device
4 9,265,170 Integrated circuit connectors
5 9,265,076 Network coverage hole detection
6 9,265,068 Sequence generation for cell specific reference signal (CRS)
7 9,265,039 Resource element mapping for wireless transmissions
8 9,265,006 Method for adjusting a transmit power of a multi carrier transmitter and a multi carrier transmitter
9 9,264,989 Inter-RAT (radio access technology) energy saving management
10 9,264,980 Carrier segment support for wireless networks
11 9,264,979 Extended access barring
12 9,264,963 User equipment and method for enhanced uplink power control
13 9,264,933 DRX operation for UL/DL reconfiguration
14 9,264,692 Depth buffer compression for stochastic motion blur rasterization
15 9,264,515 Techniques for mobile augmented reality applications
16 9,264,499 Cloud data storage location monitoring
17 9,264,490 Providing regulatory information to a group owner for channel selection in a wireless peer-to-peer network
18 9,264,433 Secure and automatic connection to wireless network
19 9,264,311 Techniques for guaranteeing bandwidth with aggregate traffic
20 9,264,270 Transition time measurement of PAM4 transmitters
21 9,264,267 Technologies for configuring transmitter equalization in a communication system
22 9,264,266 Successive interference cancellation system and method for MIMO horizontal encoding and decoding
23 9,264,191 Enhanced node B and methods for network assisted interference cancellation with reduced signaling
24 9,264,188 Apparatus and a method for determining information on an amplitude error of a transmit signal
25 9,264,187 Measuring bit error rate during runtime of a receiver circuit
26 9,264,086 Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality
27 9,264,048 Secret operations using reconfigurable logics
28 9,263,885 Distributed power delivery scheme for on-die voltage scaling
29 9,263,621 Inclined photonic chip package for integrated optical transceivers and optical touchscreen assemblies
30 9,263,557 Techniques for forming non-planar germanium quantum well devices
31 9,263,459 Capping poly channel pillars in stacked circuits
32 9,263,424 Semiconductor chip stacking assemblies
33 9,263,422 Interlayer communications for 3D integrated circuit stack
34 9,263,376 Chip interposer, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
35 9,263,329 Methods of connecting a first electronic package to a second electronic package
36 9,263,121 Low power transient voltage collapse apparatus and method for a memory cell
37 9,262,841 Front to back compositing
38 9,262,795 Hybrid rendering systems and methods
39 9,262,696 Image capture feedback
40 9,262,676 Handwritten signature detection, validation, and confirmation
41 9,262,360 Architected protocol for changing link operating mode
42 9,262,354 Adaptive interrupt moderation
43 9,262,350 De-interleaving on an as-needed basis
44 9,262,347 Method, apparatus and system for measuring latency in a physical unit of a circuit
45 9,262,338 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
46 9,262,336 Page miss handler including wear leveling logic
47 9,262,327 Signature based hit-predicting cache
48 9,262,270 Live error recovery
49 9,262,267 Error correction in solid state drives (SSD)
50 9,262,256 Using dark bits to reduce physical unclonable function (PUF) error rate without storing dark bits location
51 9,262,230 Method and system for work partitioning between processors with work demand feedback
52 9,262,178 Method for reducing platform boot times by providing lazy input/output abstractions
53 9,262,173 Critical section detection and prediction mechanism for hardware lock elision
54 9,262,166 Efficient implementation of RSA using GPU/CPU architecture
55 9,262,163 Real time instruction trace processors, methods, and systems
56 9,262,159 Performing a cyclic redundancy checksum operation responsive to a user-level instruction
57 9,262,015 System for portable tangible interaction
58 9,262,000 Multi-touch interface schemes
59 9,261,957 Method and apparatus for controlling screen by tracking head of user through camera module, and computer-readable recording medium therefor
60 9,261,934 Dynamic response improvement of hybrid power boost technology
61 9,261,926 Thermally actuated vents for electronic devices
62 9,261,897 Scalable, common reference-clocking architecture using a separate, single clock source for blade and rack servers
63 9,261,878 Electronic device having a motion detector
64 9,261,710 2D quality enhancer in polarized 3D systems for 2D-3D co-existence
65 9,261,656 Optical transceiver interface with flat surface lens and flat surface interfaces
66 9,261,602 Location change detection based on ambient sensor data
67 9,261,580 System and method for channel information exchange for time of flight range determination
68 9,261,370 Provision of navigation service including reporting of elevation information and/or vertical guidance
69 9,260,294 Integration of pressure or inertial sensors into integrated circuit fabrication and packaging