Intel patents granted on 16 July 2013

19 US patents granted on 16 July 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,490,189 Using chipset-based protected firmware for host software tamper detection and protection
2 8,489,944 Disabling outbound drivers for a last memory buffer on a memory channel
3 8,489,822 Providing a directory cache for peripheral devices
4 8,489,780 Power saving in NAND flash memory
5 8,489,778 Method and apparatus for using a single multi-function adapter with different operating systems
6 8,489,686 Method and apparatus allowing scan of data storage device from remote server
7 8,489,678 Method and system for the protected storage of downloaded media content via a virtualized platform
8 8,489,660 Digital random number generator using partially entropic data
9 8,489,105 Radio base stations, radio communication devices, methods for controlling a radio base station and methods for controlling a radio communication device
10 8,488,923 Multimode optical coupler interfaces
11 8,488,709 Providing CQI feedback with common code rate to a transmitter station
12 8,488,690 Channel estimation
13 8,488,563 Methods and apparatus for providing information indicative of traffic delay of a wireless link
14 8,488,484 Power saving system, method and apparatus for a wireless device
15 8,488,390 Circuits and methods for memory
16 8,487,446 Method of embedding passive component within via
17 8,487,376 High-voltage transistor architectures, processes of forming same, and systems containing same
18 8,487,348 Methods and apparatus to reduce layout based strain variations in non-planar transistor structures
19 8,486,631 Quality control methods for the manufacture of polymer arrays