Intel patents granted on 16 June 2009

25 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,549,177 Advanced thermal management using an average power controller over an adjustable time window
2 7,549,146 Apparatus, systems, and methods for execution-driven loop splitting and load-safe code hosting
3 7,549,066 Automatic power savings stand-by control for non-volatile memory
4 7,549,055 Pre-boot firmware based virus scanner
5 7,549,036 Management of access to data from memory
6 7,549,026 Method and apparatus to provide dynamic hardware signal allocation in a processor
7 7,549,023 Method and apparatus to update a cache for security records
8 7,548,944 Statistics collection framework for a network processor
9 7,548,824 Automated analysis system for semiconductor manufacturing fabrication
10 7,548,730 Systems and methods for improving performance of multiple spatial communication channels
11 7,548,729 Techniques enabling fast transmit rates and antenna adaptation for wireless networks based on explicit feedback
12 7,548,660 System and method of spatio-temporal edge-preserved filtering techniques to reduce ringing and mosquito noise of digital pictures
13 7,548,559 Methods and apparatus for providing a header resynchronization system for a broadband wireless access network
14 7,548,513 Techniques to provide recovery receive queues for flooded queues
15 7,548,507 Method constructing a downlink frame for a communication system
16 7,548,427 Apparatus and docking station for cooling of computing devices
17 7,548,241 Determining a node path through a node graph
18 7,548,138 Compact integration of LC resonators
19 7,548,113 Apparatus, amplifier, system and method for receiver equalization
20 7,547,957 Thin film capacitors and methods of making the same
21 7,547,907 Non-blocking switch having carbon nanostructures and Mach-Zehnder interferometer
22 7,547,883 Seek-scan probe (SSP) memory including mechanism for track correction
23 7,547,639 Selective surface exposure, cleans and conditioning of the germanium film in a Ge photodetector
24 7,547,637 Methods for patterning a semiconductor film
25 7,547,597 Direct alignment scheme between multiple lithography layers