Intel patents granted on 16 June 2015

33 US patents granted on 16 June 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,060,371 Communication network component, communication devices, method for transmitting data and methods for data communication
2 9,060,368 Article of simultaneously communicating with a group of wireless communication units
3 9,060,325 Method and apparatus for creating and connecting to an ad hoc wireless cell
4 9,060,313 Acknowledgement signaling in a wireless communications network
5 9,060,250 Device, system and method of location estimation of a mobile device
6 9,060,247 System and method for multi-radio cloud computing for location sensing
7 9,060,242 Wireless connector
8 9,060,093 Mechanism for facilitating enhanced viewing perspective of video images at computing devices
9 9,059,855 System and method for implementing a trusted dynamic launch and trusted platform module (TPM) using secure enclaves
10 9,059,854 Protocol for authenticating functionality in a peripheral device
11 9,059,830 Device-to-device on-demand advertisement
12 9,059,803 Mechanism for facilitating an optical instrumentation testing system employing multiple testing paths
13 9,059,766 System and method for controlling current to certain components of a wireless communication device
14 9,059,715 Voltage level shift with interim-voltage-controlled contention interrupt
15 9,059,661 Variable-size mixer for high gain range transmitter
16 9,059,502 Device, system and method of communicating via a dual directional antenna
17 9,059,304 Enhanced flip chip package
18 9,059,301 Self-aligned charge-trapping layers for non-volatile data storage, processes of forming same, and devices containing same
19 9,059,024 Self-aligned contact metallization for reduced contact resistance
20 9,058,894 Device, system, and method of memory allocation
21 9,058,697 Depth of field rasterization by culling regions on a lens from which a convex polygon to be rendered is not visible
22 9,058,675 Non-volatile storage for graphics hardware
23 9,058,494 Method, apparatus, system, and computer readable medium to provide secure operation
24 9,058,422 Polling determination
25 9,058,324 Predictive precaching of data based on context
26 9,058,292 System and method for one step address translation of graphics addresses in virtualization
27 9,058,282 Dynamic cache write policy
28 9,058,271 Satisfying memory ordering requirements between partial reads and non-snoop accesses
29 9,058,209 Methods and apparatus for efficient tone detection
30 9,058,201 Managing and tracking thread access to operating system extended features using map-tables containing location references and thread identifiers
31 9,058,111 Read training a memory controller
32 9,058,106 Apparatus, system and method for context and language specific data entry
33 9,056,763 Stress buffer layer for integrated microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)