Intel patents granted on 16 May 2006

44 US patents granted on 16 May 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,047,554 System and method for integrating and controlling audio/video devices
2 7,047,495 Method and apparatus for graphical device management using a virtual console
3 7,047,458 Testing methodology and apparatus for interconnects
4 7,047,456 Error correction for regional and dynamic factors in communications
5 7,047,439 Enhancing reliability and robustness of a cluster
6 7,047,400 Single array banked branch target buffer
7 7,047,397 Method and apparatus to execute an instruction with a semi-fast operation in a staggered ALU
8 7,047,395 Reordering serial data in a system with parallel processing flows
9 7,047,393 Coprocessor processing instruction with coprocessor ID to broadcast main processor register data element to coprocessor multi-element register
10 7,047,384 Method and apparatus for dynamic timing of memory interface signals
11 7,047,383 Byte swap operation for a 64 bit operand
12 7,047,374 Memory read/write reordering
13 7,047,364 Cache memory management
14 7,047,357 Virtualized striping controller
15 7,047,339 Computer system with detachable always-on portable device
16 7,047,287 Method and apparatus for automatically adapting a node in a network
17 7,047,271 DSP execution unit for efficient alternate modes for processing multiple data sizes
18 7,047,197 Changing characteristics of a voice user interface
19 7,047,110 Method and apparatus for controlling a power supply
20 7,046,997 Trial upgrade capability for wireless handheld devices
21 7,046,795 Method and apparatus for active latency characterization
22 7,046,747 Viterbi decoder and decoding method using rescaled branch metrics in add-compare-select operations
23 7,046,734 Method and apparatus for performing real-time data encoding
24 7,046,728 Method of video coding the movement of a human face from a sequence of images
25 7,046,714 Method and apparatus for Raman ring resonator based laser/wavelength converter
26 7,046,675 Method and apparatus to configure a digital subscriber line device
27 7,046,674 Method and apparatus for extending point-to-point/asynchronous transfer mode services to client computer systems
28 7,046,628 Apparatus and method for just-in-time transfer of transmit commands to a network interface
29 7,046,528 Load-dependent variable frequency voltage regulator
30 7,046,517 Electrically isolated semi-locking hinge for cooling system
31 7,046,162 Method and apparatus to locate a device in a dwelling or other enclosed space
32 7,046,062 Method and device for symmetrical slew rate calibration
33 7,045,890 Heat spreader and stiffener having a stiffener extension
34 7,045,752 Illuminated and non-illuminated photodiodes for monitoring and controlling AC and DC components of a laser beam
35 7,045,720 Component lead system
36 7,045,468 Isolated junction structure and method of manufacture
37 7,045,452 Circuit structures and methods of forming circuit structures with minimal dielectric constant layers
38 7,045,428 Method for making a semiconductor device with a high-k gate dielectric and a conductor that facilitates current flow across a P/N junction
39 7,045,408 Integrated circuit with improved channel stress properties and a method for making it
40 7,045,407 Amorphous etch stop for the anisotropic etching of substrates
41 7,045,260 Post exposure modification of critical dimensions in mask fabrication
42 7,045,259 Post exposure modification of critical dimensions in mask fabrication
43 7,045,073 Pre-etch implantation damage for the removal of thin film layers
44 7,044,767 Hybrid card interconnect