Intel patents granted on 16 November 2010

30 US patents granted on 16 November 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,836,494 System and method for regulating the flow of information to or from an application
2 7,836,447 Method of efficient performance monitoring for symmetric multi-threading systems
3 7,836,435 Checking for memory access collisions in a multi-processor architecture
4 7,836,383 Low density parity check (LDPC) code decoder
5 7,836,380 Destination indication to aid in posted write buffer loading
6 7,836,352 Method and apparatus for improving high availability in a PCI express link through predictive failure analysis
7 7,836,339 Computer memory power backup
8 7,836,316 Conserving power in processing systems
9 7,836,275 Method and apparatus for supporting address translation in a virtual machine environment
10 7,836,229 Synchronizing control and data paths traversed by a data transaction
11 7,836,213 Coupling data buffers with memory interfaces
12 7,836,195 Preserving packet order when migrating network flows between cores
13 7,836,165 Direct memory access (DMA) transfer of network interface statistics
14 7,836,144 System and method for a 3-hop cache coherency protocol
15 7,836,049 Syllabic search engines and related methods
16 7,836,003 Assisting a user experiencing cognitive decline by retracing footsteps
17 7,835,587 Method and apparatus for local standard deviation based histogram equalization for adaptive contrast enhancement
18 7,835,356 Method and device for fragmented packet routing in virtualized environments
19 7,835,299 Method and system for power consumption reduction by network devices as a function of network activity
20 7,835,187 Boosting seed voltage for a memory device
21 7,834,873 Display processing line buffers incorporating pipeline overlap
22 7,834,810 Antennae attachable to an electronic device enclosure or other structure
23 7,834,426 High-k dual dielectric stack
24 7,833,899 Multi-layer thick metallization structure for a microelectronic device, intergrated circuit containing same, and method of manufacturing an integrated circuit containing same
25 7,833,889 Apparatus and methods for improving multi-gate device performance
26 7,833,887 Notched-base spacer profile for non-planar transistors
27 7,833,883 Precursor gas mixture for depositing an epitaxial carbon-doped silicon film
28 7,833,838 Method and apparatus for increasing the immunity of new generation microprocessors from ESD events
29 7,833,816 Forming a thin film thermoelectric cooler and structures formed thereby
30 7,832,215 Thermoelectrically cooling electronic devices