Intel patents granted on 16 October 2007

30 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,284,261 Broadcasting and processing multiple data formats
2 7,284,257 Announcing the availability of an electronic programming guide to receivers of enhanced television transmissions
3 7,284,137 System and method for managing power consumption within an integrated circuit
4 7,284,136 Methods and apparatus for implementing a secure resume
5 7,284,118 Method and apparatus for synchronizing load operations
6 7,284,116 Method and system for safe data dependency collapsing based on control-flow speculation
7 7,284,075 Inbound packet placement in host memory
8 7,284,064 Method and apparatus to determine broadcast content and scheduling in a broadcast system
9 7,283,921 Modeling module
10 7,283,703 Movable lens beam steerer
11 7,283,699 Optical package
12 7,283,689 Optical waveguide having high dielectric constant contrast between cladding and core
13 7,283,597 Receiver for real-time adjacent channel characterization
14 7,283,593 Distance determinations associated with a trellis decoder
15 7,283,587 Distortion measurement
16 7,283,548 Dynamic latency management for IP telephony
17 7,283,464 Method and apparatus for a switch fabric in a data transport system
18 7,283,382 Minimization of signal loss due to self-erase of imprinted data
19 7,283,360 Enhanced flow channel for component cooling in computer systems
20 7,283,024 MEMS switch stopper bumps with adjustable height
21 7,282,975 Apparatus and method to control self-timed and synchronous systems
22 7,282,966 Frequency management apparatus, systems, and methods
23 7,282,937 On-chip frequency degradation compensation
24 7,282,796 Electronic assembly having a more dense arrangement of contacts that allows for routing of traces to the contacts
25 7,282,730 Forming a carbon layer between phase change layers of a phase change memory
26 7,282,647 Apparatus for improving coupling across plane discontinuities on circuit boards
27 7,282,306 Continuous sloped phase edge architecture fabrication technique using electron or optical beam blur for single phase shift mask ret
28 7,281,866 Shunt voltage regulator and method of using
29 7,281,862 Optical device latching mechanism
30 7,281,388 Apparatus to use a refrigerator in mobile computing device