Intel patents granted on 17 August 2010

30 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,779,451 Securing wakeup network events
2 7,779,305 Method and system for recovery from an error in a computing device by transferring control from a virtual machine monitor to separate firmware instructions
3 7,779,294 Power-safe disk storage apparatus, systems, and methods
4 7,779,287 Reducing power consumption in multiprocessor systems
5 7,779,282 Maintaining network connectivity while operating in low power mode
6 7,779,244 Multi-socket boot
7 7,779,243 Dual operating system computing system
8 7,779,239 User opt-in processor feature control capability
9 7,779,211 Reducing latency in responding to a snoop request
10 7,779,210 Avoiding snoop response dependency
11 7,779,193 Method and apparatus for external data transfer in a personal storage device
12 7,779,188 System and method to reduce memory latency in microprocessor systems connected with a bus
13 7,779,178 Method and apparatus for application/OS triggered low-latency network communications
14 7,778,838 Apparatus, system and method for buffering audio data to allow low power states in a processing system during audio playback
15 7,778,826 Beamforming codebook generation system and associated methods
16 7,778,817 Method and apparatus for determining text passage similarity
17 7,778,657 Method and apparatus to perform power control in a wireless network
18 7,778,599 Aggregated channel feedback
19 7,778,334 Modulation scheme for communication environments
20 7,778,226 Device, system and method of coordination among multiple transceivers
21 7,778,166 Synchronizing sequence numbers among peers in a network
22 7,777,544 System and method to detect order and linearity of signals
23 7,777,507 Integrated circuit testing with laser stimulation and emission analysis
24 7,777,282 Self-aligned tunneling pocket in field-effect transistors and processes to form same
25 7,776,734 Barrier layer for fine-pitch mask-based substrate bumping
26 7,776,729 Transistor, method of manufacturing same, etchant for use during manufacture of same, and system containing same
27 7,776,684 Increasing the surface area of a memory cell capacitor
28 7,776,657 Chip package thermal interface materials with dielectric obstructions for body-biasing, methods of using same, and systems containing same
29 7,776,651 Method for compensating for CTE mismatch using phase change lead-free super plastic solders
30 7,776,547 Cellular analysis using Raman surface scanning