Intel patents granted on 17 January 2006

16 US patents granted on 17 January 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 6,988,213 Method and system to surpress speculative execution of instructions in a microprocessor
2 6,988,211 System and method for selecting a frequency and voltage combination from a table using a selection field and a read-only limit field
3 6,988,185 Select-free dynamic instruction scheduling
4 6,988,184 Dyadic DSP instruction predecode signal selective multiplexing data from input buses to first and second plurality of functional blocks to execute main and sub operations
5 6,988,161 Multiple port allocation and configurations for different port operation modes on a host
6 6,988,119 Fast single precision floating point accumulator using base 32 system
7 6,987,912 Epitaxial growth for waveguide tapering
8 6,987,895 Thermal compensation of waveguides by dual material core having positive thermo-optic coefficient inner core
9 6,987,671 Composite thermal interface devices and methods for integrated circuit heat transfer
10 6,987,482 Wireless signal processing methods and apparatuses including directions of arrival estimation
11 6,987,469 Method of generating Huffman code length information
12 6,987,428 Electromagnetic coupler flexible circuit with a curved coupling portion
13 6,987,317 Power delivery using an integrated heat spreader
14 6,987,258 Integrated circuit-based compound eye image sensor using a light pipe bundle
15 6,987,068 Methods to planarize semiconductor device and passivation layer
16 6,987,028 Method of fabricating a microelectronic die