Intel patents granted on 17 January 2012

27 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,099,786 Embedded mechanism for platform vulnerability assessment
2 8,099,730 Heterogeneous virtualization of host and guest OS having different register sizes using translation layer to extract device port numbers for host OS system memory addresses
3 8,099,718 Method and system for whitelisting software components
4 8,099,687 Interchangeable connection arrays for double-sided DIMM placement
5 8,099,619 Voltage regulator with drive override
6 8,099,587 Compressing and accessing a microcode ROM
7 8,099,581 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
8 8,099,574 Providing protected access to critical memory regions
9 8,099,538 Increasing functionality of a reader-writer lock
10 8,099,523 PCI express enhancements and extensions including transactions having prefetch parameters
11 8,099,495 Method, apparatus and system for platform identity binding in a network node
12 8,099,479 Distributed mesh network
13 8,099,471 Method and system for communicating between memory regions
14 8,099,119 Hybrid, multiple channel, and two-step channel quality indicator (CQI) feedback schemes
15 8,098,999 Multiple channel power monitor
16 8,098,817 Methods and apparatus for mixing encrypted data with unencrypted data
17 8,098,783 Training pattern for a biased clock recovery tracking loop
18 8,098,726 Subranging for a pulse position and pulse width modulation based transmitter
19 8,098,689 Systems and methods for frame tunnelling in wireless communications
20 8,098,676 Techniques to utilize queues for network interface devices
21 8,098,669 Method and apparatus for signaling virtual channel support in communication networks
22 8,098,640 Systems and methods for determining a predictable modulation and coding scheme
23 8,098,603 Bandwidth adaptation in a wireless network
24 8,098,046 Battery charging apparatus having a chute and method of recharging a battery
25 8,097,911 Etch stop structures for floating gate devices
26 8,097,421 Method for performing a multiplex immunoassay using label disassociation and an integrated substrate
27 8,096,707 Thermal sensor device