Intel patents granted on 17 July 2012

37 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,225,330 RDMA (remote direct memory access) data transfer in a virtual environment
2 8,225,326 Future scheduling by direct representation of possible dependencies
3 8,225,314 Support for personal computing in a public computing infrastructure by using a single VM delta image for each VM base image utilized by a user
4 8,225,252 Systems, methods, apparatus and computer readable mediums for use in association with systems having interference
5 8,225,184 Performing a cyclic redundancy checksum operation responsive to a user-level instruction
6 8,225,161 Retransmissions of data using increased data rate
7 8,225,101 Cross validation of data using multiple subsystems
8 8,225,075 Method and apparatus for shuffling data
9 8,225,069 Control of on-die system fabric blocks
10 8,225,046 Method and apparatus for saving power by efficiently disabling ways for a set-associative cache
11 8,225,037 Apparatus and method for incremental package deployment
12 8,225,016 Even and odd frame combination data path architecture
13 8,225,012 Dynamic allocation of a buffer across multiple clients in a threaded processor
14 8,224,973 Techniques for timing optimization in wireless networks that utilize a universal services interface
15 8,224,402 Method and apparatus for a power-efficient framework to maintain data synchronization of a mobile personal computer to simulate a connected scenario
16 8,224,373 Uplink power control in wireless networks
17 8,223,869 Control channel detection scheme
18 8,223,844 High frequency emphasis in decoding of encoded signals
19 8,223,811 Narrow surface corrugated grating
20 8,223,778 Routing table architecture
21 8,223,739 Method and apparatus of dynamic bandwidth management
22 8,223,678 Power management of periodic transmissions from networking applications
23 8,223,650 Express virtual channels in a packet switched on-chip interconnection network
24 8,223,649 Method and apparatus for sending a packet from a source node to a destination node in the same broadcast domain
25 8,223,136 Error detection and prevention inacoustic data
26 8,223,013 Method and mechanism for assisted diagnosis and maintenance of health monitoring system
27 8,222,996 Radio frequency identification tags adapted for localization and state indication
28 8,222,966 System, method and apparatus for an open loop calibrated phase wrapping phase modulator for wideband RF outphasing/polar transmitters
29 8,222,964 System, method and apparatus employing crystal oscillator
30 8,222,766 Simultaneous multi-voltage rail voltage regulation messages
31 8,222,750 Aligned nanotube bearing composite material
32 8,222,746 Noble metal barrier layers
33 8,222,730 Magnetic particle-based composite materials for semiconductor packages
34 8,222,140 Pitch division patterning techniques
35 8,222,118 Wafer backside grinding with stress relief
36 8,221,945 Pellicle frame and lithographic pellicle
37 8,221,944 Pellicle frame and lithographic pellicle