Intel patents granted on 17 March 2015

61 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 8,984,613 Server pool Kerberos authentication scheme
2 8,984,603 Communication device, method for providing a data service, communication terminal, and method for requesting a data service
3 8,984,563 Identifying ancillary information associated with an audio/video program
4 8,984,557 Method and apparatus for displaying entertainment system data upon selection of a video data display
5 8,984,517 Sharing idled processor execution resources
6 8,984,499 Methods to optimize a program loop via vector instructions using a shuffle table and a blend table
7 8,984,473 Methods for type analysis in systems for code generation
8 8,984,316 Fast platform hibernation and resumption of computing systems providing secure storage of context data
9 8,984,313 Configuring power management functionality in a processor including a plurality of cores by utilizing a register to store a power domain indicator
10 8,984,311 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including dynamic C0-state cache resizing
11 8,984,309 Reducing network latency during low power operation
12 8,984,305 Method and apparatus to configure thermal design power in a microprocessor
13 8,984,265 Server active management technology (AMT) assisted secure boot
14 8,984,231 Methods and apparatus to perform adaptive pre-fetch operations in managed runtime environments
15 8,984,228 Providing common caching agent for core and integrated input/output (IO) module
16 8,984,199 Inter-processor interrupts
17 8,984,189 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for stacked memory
18 8,984,155 Binding for audio/video streaming in a topology of devices
19 8,984,154 System and method for synchronizing simultaneous media stream playback across nonsynchronized network timing/clock islands
20 8,984,043 Multiplying and adding matrices
21 8,983,640 Controlling audio players using environmental audio analysis
22 8,983,516 Monitoring a control channel for carrier aggregation
23 8,983,460 Sensor and context based adjustment of the operation of a network controller
24 8,983,445 Smart data connections for mobile devices
25 8,983,442 Techniques and apparatus to manage power in wireless device
26 8,983,413 Communication device including multiple LO receivers
27 8,983,272 Method and system to play linear video in variable time frames
28 8,983,263 Time shifting by concurrently recording and playing a data stream
29 8,983,116 Advanced watermarking system and method
30 8,983,008 Methods and apparatus for tail termination of turbo decoding
31 8,983,000 Receiver circuit and method for operating a receiver circuit
32 8,982,999 Jitter tolerant receiver
33 8,982,972 Apparatus and method for processing an input signal
34 8,982,970 Tone count selection
35 8,982,939 Low power digital phase interpolator
36 8,982,938 Distortion measurement for limiting jitter in PAM transmitters
37 8,982,880 Communication path switching for mobile devices
38 8,982,860 Techniques for an access point to obtain an internet protocol address for a wireless device
39 8,982,859 Wireless device and method of short MAC frame indication
40 8,982,820 Methods for multi-band wireless communication and bandwidth management
41 8,982,758 Techniques for efficient acknowledgement for UL MU MIMO and uplink OFDMA in wireless networks
42 8,982,746 Clock-less half-duplex repeater
43 8,982,741 Method, system and apparatus of time-division-duplex (TDD) uplink-downlink (UL-DL) configuration management
44 8,982,734 Methods, apparatus, and systems for routing information flows in networks using spanning trees and network switching element resources
45 8,982,724 Systems and methods for implementing peak-to-average power ratio reduction for OFDMA modulation
46 8,982,695 Anti-starvation and bounce-reduction mechanism for a two-dimensional bufferless interconnect
47 8,982,661 Flexible identification technique
48 8,982,659 Bitline floating during non-access mode for memory arrays
49 8,982,560 Thermal management of an electronic device
50 8,982,555 Electronic device having passive cooling
51 8,982,488 Power conservation based on hard disk rotational inertia
52 8,982,124 Load balancing and merging of tessellation thread workloads
53 8,981,822 High speed dual modulus divider
54 8,981,573 Apparatus, system, and method for wireless connection in integrated circuit packages
55 8,981,555 Ridged integrated heat spreader
56 8,981,481 High voltage three-dimensional devices having dielectric liners
57 8,981,435 Source/drain contacts for non-planar transistors
58 8,980,757 Methods for single exposure–self-aligned double, triple, and quadruple patterning
59 8,980,707 Floating body memory cell having gates favoring different conductivity type regions
60 8,980,650 Perpendicular MTJ stacks with magnetic anisotropy enhancing layer and crystallization barrier layer
61 D724,547 Remote control