Intel patents granted on 17 May 2016

69 US patents granted on 17 May 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D756,349 Portable computing device with low profile hinge
2 9,345,184 Magnetic field shielding for packaging build-up architectures
3 9,345,104 Display backlight power consumption
4 9,345,046 User equipment and method for distributed channel access for D2D communications
5 9,345,045 Methods and arrangements for adaptive delay control
6 9,345,024 Exchanging configuration data
7 9,345,000 Dynamic bandwidth allocation for multiple virtual MACs
8 9,344,986 Minimalistic LTE maintenance timing advance method
9 9,344,974 Methods and arrangements to coordinate communications of different types of devices on a wireless network
10 9,344,967 Deep sleep in 1x M2M devices
11 9,344,939 Apparatus, system and method of controlling radio access technology (RAT) communication managers
12 9,344,889 Methods, systems and apparatus to pair medical devices to an in-body network
13 9,344,885 Communication devices and cellular wide area radio base station
14 9,344,835 Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications using short message services (SMS)
15 9,344,772 System and method for controlling home network devices using multicast enabled remote controls
16 9,344,608 Systems, methods, and computer program products for high depth of field imaging
17 9,344,416 File vault and cloud based document notary service
18 9,344,304 Communication device with power supply load variation noise reduction for envelope tracking and method therefor
19 9,344,284 Method of anonymous entity authentication using group-based anonymous signatures
20 9,344,252 User equipment using hybrid automatic repeat request
21 9,344,232 Mobile device and method for multiple bandwidth operation with tone count selection
22 9,344,228 Detection and recovery of HARQ NAK-to-ACK feedback error in wireless communications systems
23 9,344,219 Increasing communication safety by preventing false packet acceptance in high-speed links
24 9,344,203 Distortion measurement for limiting jitter in PAM transmitters
25 9,344,179 Methods and arrangements for communications in low power wireless networks
26 9,344,170 Method and apparatus for feedback in 3D MIMO wireless systems
27 9,344,146 De-correlating training pattern sequences between lanes in high-speed multi-lane links and interconnects
28 9,344,111 N-order noise shaper
29 9,344,095 Temperature compensation for an oscillator crystal
30 9,344,094 Temperature compensated PLL calibration
31 9,344,045 Amplifier and method of amplifying a differential signal
32 9,343,963 Dual mode voltage regulator with dynamic reconfiguration capability
33 9,343,817 Conformal mm-wave phased array antenna with increased scan coverage
34 9,343,722 Battery pack having a spring to connect at least two battery cells
35 9,343,574 Non-planar semiconductor device having group III-V material active region with multi-dielectric gate stack
36 9,343,559 Nanowire transistor devices and forming techniques
37 9,343,524 Etchstop layers and capacitors
38 9,343,469 Three dimensional NAND flash with self-aligned select gate
39 9,343,411 Techniques for enhancing fracture resistance of interconnects
40 9,343,389 Magnetic contacts
41 9,343,302 Silicon germanium and germanium multigate and nanowire structures for logic and multilevel memory applications
42 9,343,126 Frequency selection granularity for integrated circuits
43 9,343,119 Bus circuits for memory devices
44 9,343,078 Pre-process (amplitude distortion) and post-process (phase synchronization) for linear AEC system
45 9,343,039 Efficient displayport wireless AUX communication
46 9,342,974 Autonomous aggregated search platform and methods using the same
47 9,342,965 Methods and apparatus for providing assistance services for large crowds
48 9,342,916 Coarse-to-fine multple disparity candidate stereo matching
49 9,342,749 Hardware convolution pre-filter to accelerate object detection
50 9,342,704 Allocating memory access control policies
51 9,342,683 Stateless attestation system
52 9,342,666 Providing security support for digital rights management in different formats
53 9,342,453 Memory channel that supports near memory and far memory access
54 9,342,433 Elapsed cycle timer in last branch records
55 9,342,403 Method and apparatus for managing a spin transfer torque memory
56 9,342,394 Secure error handling
57 9,342,393 Early fabric error forwarding
58 9,342,384 Function callback mechanism between a central processing unit (CPU) and an auxiliary processor
59 9,342,376 Method, system, and device for dynamic energy efficient job scheduling in a cloud computing environment
60 9,342,310 MFENCE and LFENCE micro-architectural implementation method and system
61 9,342,303 Modified execution using context sensitive auxiliary code
62 9,342,284 Optimization of instructions to reduce memory access violations
63 9,342,134 Power consumption reduction in a computing device
64 9,342,132 Apparatus, method, and system for adaptive compensation of reverse temperature dependence
65 9,342,126 Supply voltage control based at least in part on power state of integrated circuit
66 9,342,122 Distributing power to heterogeneous compute elements of a processor
67 9,342,107 Differential pressure attachment for an electronic device
68 9,341,840 MEMS device
69 9,341,644 MEMS apparatus with a movable waveguide section