Intel patents granted on 17 November 2015

55 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D743,334 Wireless charging device
2 9,191,975 Identification-assisted wireless network connections
3 9,191,966 Communication device and method for communicating in a communication mode using a frequency range according to a frame structure
4 9,191,888 Directional transmission techniques
5 9,191,828 High efficiency distributed device-to-device (D2D) channel access
6 9,191,553 System, methods, and computer program products for multi-stream audio/visual synchronization
7 9,191,326 Physical uplink control channel (PUCCH) resource allocation (RA) for a hybrid automatic retransmission re-quest-acknowledge (HARQ-ACK) transmission
8 9,191,248 Digital wideband closed loop phase modulator with modulation gain calibration
9 9,191,192 Digital NRZI signal for serial interconnect communications between the link layer and physical layer
10 9,191,178 Enhanced node B and method for RRC connection establishment for small data transfers
11 9,191,169 Communication device and method for packet-based OFDM communications with differing length cyclic prefixes
12 9,191,131 Method for control channel detection in wireless communications systems
13 9,191,108 Techniques for low power visual light communication
14 9,191,097 Techniques for transmitting data via relay communication links
15 9,190,991 Apparatus, system, and method for re-synthesizing a clock signal
16 9,190,983 Digital filter
17 9,190,959 Circuit, transceiver and mobile communication device
18 9,190,906 Digital event generator, comparator, switched mode energy converter and method
19 9,190,700 Reduced size cavity filter for PICO base stations
20 9,190,518 Nonplanar device with thinned lower body portion and method of fabrication
21 9,190,490 Local buried channel dielectric for vertical NAND performance enhancement and vertical scaling
22 9,190,388 Using an optically transparent solid material as a support structure for attachment of a semiconductor material to a substrate
23 9,190,380 High density substrate routing in BBUL package
24 9,190,315 Enabling package-on-package (PoP) pad surface finishes on bumpless build-up layer (BBUL) package
25 9,190,173 Generic data scrambler for memory circuit test engine
26 9,190,124 Multi-level memory with direct access
27 9,189,945 Visual indicator and adjustment of media and gaming attributes based on battery statistics
28 9,189,837 Method and device for processing digital image, and computer-readable recording medium for processing digital image
29 9,189,620 Protecting a software component using a transition point wrapper
30 9,189,617 Apparatus and method for implementing zero-knowledge proof security techniques on a computing platform
31 9,189,445 Method and device for synchronizing data broadcasts for system-on-chip
32 9,189,441 Dual casting PCIE inbound writes to memory and peer devices
33 9,189,439 Interface logic for a multi-core system-on-a-chip (SoC)
34 9,189,426 Protected access to virtual memory
35 9,189,411 Logging in secure enclaves
36 9,189,398 Apparatus and method for memory-mapped register caching
37 9,189,373 Automated top down process to minimize test configurations for multi-feature products
38 9,189,360 Processor that records tracing data in non contiguous system memory slices
39 9,189,302 Technique for monitoring activity within an integrated circuit
40 9,189,296 Caching agent for deadlock prevention in a processor by allowing requests that do not deplete available coherence resources
41 9,189,258 Reconfigurable sensing platform for software defined instrumentation
42 9,189,246 Method and apparatus to support separate operating systems in partitions of a processing system
43 9,189,240 Split-word memory
44 9,189,238 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
45 9,189,237 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
46 9,189,236 Speculative non-faulting loads and gathers
47 9,189,233 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for a hardware and software system to automatically decompose a program to multiple parallel threads
48 9,189,230 Method and system to provide concurrent user-level, non-privileged shared resource thread creation and execution
49 9,189,073 Transition mechanism for computing system utilizing user sensing
50 9,189,056 Mixed cell type battery module and uses thereof
51 9,189,046 Performing cross-domain thermal control in a processor
52 9,189,014 Sequential circuit with error detection
53 9,188,753 Optical connector assembly
54 9,188,446 Agile acquisition of location services in a device
55 9,186,909 Method and system of lens shading color correction using block matching