Intel patents granted on 17 October 2006

49 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,124,412 Extensible BIOS error log
2 7,124,399 Document/view application development architecture applied to ActiveX technology for web based application delivery
3 7,124,355 Persistency control in an information browser
4 7,124,332 Failure prediction with two threshold levels
5 7,124,327 Control over faults occurring during the operation of guest software in the virtual-machine architecture
6 7,124,309 Method, system, and apparatus for an efficient power dissipation
7 7,124,293 Intelligently determining which traffic streams to offload efficiently
8 7,124,285 Peak power reduction when updating future file
9 7,124,277 Method and apparatus for a trace cache trace-end predictor
10 7,124,273 Method and apparatus for translating guest physical addresses in a virtual machine environment
11 7,124,271 Method and system for allocating register locations in a memory during compilation
12 7,124,262 Selectivity pipelining and prefetching memory data
13 7,124,252 Method and apparatus for pipelining ordered input/output transactions to coherent memory in a distributed memory, cache coherent, multi-processor system
14 7,124,248 Current media status determination for a storage device
15 7,124,234 Managing transmissions between devices
16 7,124,230 Use of bus transaction identification codes
17 7,124,229 Method and apparatus for improved performance for priority agent requests when symmetric agent bus parking is enabled
18 7,124,226 Method or apparatus for establishing a plug and play (PnP) communication channel via an abstraction layer interface
19 7,124,224 Method and apparatus for shared resource management in a multiprocessing system
20 7,124,208 Method and apparatus for enumerating devices on a link
21 7,124,202 System and method for aggregating channel segment ID’s into a first section and data segments into a second section
22 7,124,196 Processing a network packet using queues
23 7,124,154 Clock divider
24 7,123,712 Computer telephony server with improved flexibility
25 7,123,674 Reducing latency and power in asynchronous data transfers
26 7,123,500 1P1N 2T gain cell
27 7,123,496 L0 cache alignment circuit
28 7,123,479 Enhanced flow channel for component cooling in computer systems
29 7,123,466 Extended thin film capacitor (TFC)
30 7,123,268 Hybrid procedural/pixel based textures
31 7,123,265 Method and apparatus for adding real-time primitives
32 7,123,253 System and method for parallel rendering of images
33 7,123,188 Recording-location determination
34 7,123,109 Crystal oscillator with variable bias generator and variable loop filter
35 7,123,098 Transimpedance amplifier with differential peak detector
36 7,123,066 Speed-locked loop to provide speed information based on die operating conditions
37 7,123,047 Dynamic on-die termination management
38 7,122,891 Ceramic embedded wireless antenna
39 7,122,870 Methods of forming a multilayer stack alloy for work function engineering
40 7,122,481 Sealing porous dielectrics with silane coupling reagents
41 7,122,461 Method to assemble structures from nano-materials
42 7,122,460 Electromigration barrier layers for solder joints
43 7,122,403 Method of interconnecting die and substrate
44 7,122,392 Methods of forming a high germanium concentration silicon germanium alloy by epitaxial lateral overgrowth and structures formed thereby
45 7,122,391 Wafer-level test structure for edge-emitting semiconductor lasers
46 7,121,843 Integrated circuit socket corner relief
47 7,121,841 Electrical socket with compressible domed contacts
48 7,121,838 Electronic assembly having angled spring portions
49 7,121,474 Electro-optical nanocrystal memory device