Intel patents granted on 18 December 2007

18 US patents granted on 18 December 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,310,790 Automatic symbolic indexing methods for formal verification on a symbolic lattice domain
2 7,310,742 Method and apparatus for performing disk diagnostics and repairs on remote clients
3 7,310,725 Common platform pre-boot and run-time firmware services
4 7,310,724 Parallel execution of enhanced EFI based BIOS drivers on a multi-processor or hyper-threading enabled platform
5 7,310,532 Method of automatically updating presence information
6 7,310,480 Adaptive framework for closed-loop protocols over photonic burst switched networks
7 7,310,451 Sub-pixel image shifting in display device
8 7,310,441 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional tracking of infra-red beacons
9 7,310,381 Power amplifier pre-distortion device and method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
10 7,310,337 Packet header alignment
11 7,310,319 Multiple-domain processing system using hierarchically orthogonal switching fabric
12 7,310,182 Method and apparatus for modulating an optical beam in an optical device with a photonic crystal lattice
13 7,310,021 Phase-locked loop with tunable-transfer function
14 7,310,020 Self-biased phased-locked loop
15 7,309,866 Cosmic ray detectors for integrated circuit chips
16 7,309,453 Coolant capable of enhancing corrosion inhibition, system containing same, and method of manufacturing same
17 7,309,173 Optical transponder module with dual board flexible circuit
18 7,308,931 Heat pipe remote heat exchanger (RHE) with graphite block