Intel patents granted on 18 November 2014

51 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 D717,795 Multiple mode display device
2 8,893,295 Secure and private location
3 8,893,280 Sensitive data tracking using dynamic taint analysis
4 8,893,213 Content synchronization techniques
5 8,893,184 Mechanism for facilitating multiple multimedia viewing planes in media display systems
6 8,893,152 Application registration with a non-OS service
7 8,893,124 Method, apparatus and system for limiting access to virtualization information in a memory
8 8,893,112 Providing software distribution and update services regardless of the state or physical location of an end point machine
9 8,893,094 Hardware compilation and/or translation with fault detection and roll back functionality
10 8,892,929 Reducing power consumption of uncore circuitry of a processor
11 8,892,928 System and method for maintaining connectivity to remote application servers
12 8,892,924 Reducing power consumption of uncore circuitry of a processor
13 8,892,904 Hardware enforced security governing access to an operating system
14 8,892,861 Method and apparatus for establishing safe processor operating points
15 8,892,858 Methods and apparatus for trusted boot optimization
16 8,892,848 Processor and system using a mask register to track progress of gathering and prefetching elements from memory
17 8,892,806 Integrated circuit, memory device, method of operating an integrated circuit, and method of designing an integrated circuit
18 8,892,800 Apparatuses for inter-component communication including slave component initiated transaction
19 8,892,753 System and method for the determination and assignment of a unique local channel identifier (ULCI) to enable the multi-site and multi-user sharing of content
20 8,892,747 Management of dynamic groups in a communication system
21 8,892,374 Identifying electrical sources of acoustic noise
22 8,892,269 Power down and quick start of thermal sensor
23 8,892,154 Method and device in a communication network
24 8,892,106 Cell transfer controller and method for selecting a radio cell
25 8,892,091 Communication device, mobile terminal method for requesting information and method for providing information
26 8,891,906 Pixel-adaptive interpolation algorithm for image upscaling
27 8,891,681 Transmitters and methods
28 8,891,680 Transmission arrangement and method for modulating useful signals onto a carrier frequency signal
29 8,891,668 System and method for estimating and correcting phase shift in a wireless communication device
30 8,891,591 Receiver circuit and method
31 8,891,491 Method of processing signals and a signal processor
32 8,891,441 L2 tunneling-based low latency single radio handoffs
33 8,891,438 Packet-data network and methods for RAN-agnostic multimedia content distribution
34 8,891,396 Communication device, mobile terminal, method for requesting information and method for providing information
35 8,891,246 System-in-package using embedded-die coreless substrates, and processes of forming same
36 8,891,235 Thermal interface for multi-chip packages
37 8,891,231 Hinge configuration for an electronic device
38 8,890,880 Graphics pipeline scheduling architecture utilizing performance counters
39 8,890,802 Device with display position input
40 8,890,737 Current balancing, current sensor, and phase balancing apparatus and method for a voltage regulator
41 8,890,726 Data interface clock generation
42 8,890,635 Signal generator for a transmitter or a receiver, a transmitter and a receiver
43 8,890,628 Ultra slim RF package for ultrabooks and smart phones
44 8,890,302 Hybrid package transmission line circuits
45 8,890,264 Non-planar III-V field effect transistors with conformal metal gate electrode and nitrogen doping of gate dielectric interface
46 8,890,120 Tunneling field effect transistors (TFETs) for CMOS approaches to fabricating N-type and P-type TFETs
47 8,890,119 Vertical nanowire transistor with axially engineered semiconductor and gate metallization
48 8,890,118 Tunnel field effect transistor
49 8,889,527 Phase change memory and method therefor
50 8,889,508 Precision resistor for non-planar semiconductor device architecture
51 8,889,489 Metal injection molded heat dissipation device