Intel patents granted on 18 October 2011

25 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,042,190 Pre-boot protected memory channel
2 8,042,109 Framework for domain-specific run-time environment acceleration using virtualization technology
3 8,042,025 Determining a message residue
4 8,041,951 Code-based communication connection management
5 8,041,945 Method and apparatus for performing an authentication after cipher operation in a network processor
6 8,041,934 Transmission distinguishing apparatus, systems, and methods
7 8,041,932 Method and apparatus for assigning devices to a partition
8 8,041,920 Partitioning memory mapped device configuration space
9 8,041,898 Method, system and apparatus for reducing memory traffic in a distributed memory system
10 8,041,857 Dynamic A-MSDU enabling
11 8,041,854 Steering data units to a consumer
12 8,041,844 Autodetection of a PCI express device operating at a wireless RF mitigation frequency
13 8,041,794 Platform discovery, asset inventory, configuration, and provisioning in a pre-boot environment using web services
14 8,041,774 Early issue of transaction ID
15 8,041,754 Establishing thread priority in a processor or the like
16 8,041,362 Downlink resource allocation and mapping
17 8,041,035 Automatic configuration of devices upon introduction into a networked environment
18 8,040,983 Device, system and method of mitigating interference in a wireless network
19 8,040,968 High rate, high diversity transmission on multiple transmit antennas
20 8,040,892 Switching system and method for communicating information at a customer premises
21 8,040,853 Methods and apparatus for providing information indicative of traffic delay of a wireless link
22 8,040,852 Media independent trigger model for multiple network types
23 8,040,847 Channel estimation feedback in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system or the like
24 8,040,278 Adaptive antenna beamforming
25 8,039,920 Methods for forming planarized hermetic barrier layers and structures formed thereby