Intel patents granted on 18 October 2016

59 US patents granted on 18 October 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,474,095 Systems, methods, and devices for distributed setup for a device-to-device session
2 9,474,094 Methods and arrangements to establish peer-to-peer link
3 9,474,014 Method of processing received digitized signals and mobile radio communication terminal device
4 9,473,972 Methods and system for communicating control information using carrier aggregation
5 9,473,951 Mobile communication apparatuses, method for performing signal reception quality measurements and method for ascertaining a movement by a mobile communication apparatus
6 9,473,924 Smart searching of wireless devices using device location information
7 9,473,899 Device, system and method of determining whether a mobile device is located in an indoor location or an outdoor location
8 9,473,891 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic detection and communication of geo-locations for devices
9 9,473,878 Apparatus, method and system of managing a wearable device ensemble
10 9,473,823 Techniques for collecting and providing viewer information
11 9,473,816 Media content rating management with pattern matching
12 9,473,757 Presentation of a multi-frame segment of video content
13 9,473,643 Mute detector
14 9,473,543 Apparatus and method for application computer to process forwarding instructions and session initiation protocol requests
15 9,473,411 Scalable network apparatus for content based switching or validation acceleration
16 9,473,296 Instruction and logic for a simon block cipher
17 9,473,291 Apparatuses and methods for reducing switching jitter
18 9,473,276 Cooperative multiple beam transmission
19 9,473,259 Techniques for testing receiver operation
20 9,473,220 Device, system and method of controlling wireless communication based on an orientation-related attribute of a wireless communication device
21 9,473,209 Wireless power transfer apparatus and method thereof
22 9,473,168 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for compression using hardware and software
23 9,473,138 Crosstalk compensation circuit
24 9,473,068 Voltage-controlled oscillator with reduced single-ended capacitance
25 9,472,845 Multiband 40 degree split beam antenna for wireless network
26 9,472,844 Apparatus, system and method of wireless beamformed communication
27 9,472,748 Balancing energy barrier between states in perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions
28 9,472,613 Conversion of strain-inducing buffer to electrical insulator
29 9,472,519 Forming sacrificial composite materials for package-on-package architectures and structures formed thereby
30 9,472,517 Dry-removable protective coatings
31 9,472,515 Integrated circuit package
32 9,472,505 Die or substrate marking using a laser
33 9,472,456 Technology for selectively etching titanium and titanium nitride in the presence of other materials
34 9,472,399 Three-dimensional germanium-based semiconductor devices formed on globally or locally isolated substrates
35 9,472,302 Redundant fuse coding
36 9,472,249 Techniques for accessing a dynamic random access memory array
37 9,472,248 Method and apparatus for implementing a heterogeneous memory subsystem
38 9,472,032 Apparatuses and methods for pet access control
39 9,471,907 Highly granular cloud computing marketplace
40 9,471,829 Method of facial landmark detection
41 9,471,697 URI-Based host to mobile device setup and pairing
42 9,471,603 Method, apparatus and computer-readable recording medium for managing images in image database
43 9,471,583 Data race analysis with improved detection filtering
44 9,471,501 Hardware apparatuses and methods to control access to a multiple bank data cache
45 9,471,494 Method and apparatus for cache line write back operation
46 9,471,492 Scatter/gather capable system coherent cache
47 9,471,490 Dynamically controlling cache size to maximize energy efficiency
48 9,471,488 Techniques for improving reliability and performance of partially written memory blocks in modern flash memory systems
49 9,471,448 Performing an atomic write operation across multiple storage devices
50 9,471,350 Live migration of virtualized systems
51 9,471,334 Content presentation with enhanced closed caption and/or skip back
52 9,471,323 System and method of using an atomic data buffer to bypass a memory location
53 9,471,292 Binary translation reuse in a system with address space layout randomization
54 9,471,155 3-dimensional human interface device
55 9,471,132 Techniques for putting platform subsystems into a lower power state in parallel
56 9,471,118 Uncore thermal management
57 9,471,088 Restricting clock signal delivery in a processor
58 9,470,586 Self-calibrated thermal sensors of an integrated circuit die
59 9,470,585 Calibrated temperature measurement system