Intel patents granted on 18 September 2007

41 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,272,831 Method and apparatus for constructing host processor soft devices independent of the host processor operating system
2 7,272,828 Software object type identification
3 7,272,745 Data protection system
4 7,272,741 Hardware coordination of power management activities
5 7,272,736 Method and system for fast frequency switch for a power throttle in an integrated device
6 7,272,701 Method and apparatus for limiting ports in a register alias table having high-bandwidth and low-bandwidth structures
7 7,272,689 Variable write back delay apparatus and methods
8 7,272,679 Protocol independent data transmission using a 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit interface
9 7,272,650 Communication protocols operable through network address translation (NAT) type devices
10 7,272,644 Internet based network topology discovery
11 7,272,623 Methods and apparatus for determining a floating-point exponent associated with an underflow condition or an overflow condition
12 7,272,622 Method and apparatus for parallel shift right merge of data
13 7,272,613 Method and system for managing distributed content and related metadata
14 7,272,596 Methods and apparatus for resource allocation in computer architectures
15 7,272,583 Using supervised classifiers with unsupervised data
16 7,272,534 Circuit for producing a variable frequency clock signal having a high frequency low jitter pulse component
17 7,272,412 Managing user interface data on wireless devices
18 7,272,310 Generic multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS)-based label space architecture for optical switched networks
19 7,272,277 Data exchange architecture using optical links
20 7,272,274 Module to couple to an electrical and an optical backplane in a chassis
21 7,272,211 Property management system protocol auto-detection
22 7,272,193 Re-mapping trellis encoded data associated with a 2-bit constellation tone to data associated with a pair of 1-bit constellation tones
23 7,272,061 Dynamic pre-charge level control in semiconductor devices
24 7,272,041 Memory array with pseudo single bit memory cell and method
25 7,272,029 Transition-encoder sense amplifier
26 7,272,006 IC coolant microchannel assembly with integrated attachment hardware
27 7,271,896 Detection of biomolecules using porous biosensors and raman spectroscopy
28 7,271,840 Method for determining entropy of a pixel of a real time streaming digital video image signal, and applications thereof
29 7,271,797 Optical window for generating a waveforms
30 7,271,795 Intuitive mobile device interface to virtual spaces
31 7,271,764 Time of arrival estimation mechanism
32 7,271,680 Method, apparatus, and system for parallel plate mode radial pattern signaling
33 7,271,673 Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) tuning
34 7,271,434 Capacitor with insulating nanostructure
35 7,271,403 Isolating phase change memory devices
36 7,271,349 Via shielding for power/ground layers on printed circuit board
37 7,271,090 Guard ring of a combination wafer or singulated die
38 7,271,045 Etch stop and hard mask film property matching to enable improved replacement metal gate process
39 7,270,952 Detecting molecular binding by monitoring feedback controlled cantilever deflections
40 7,270,056 Print stripper for ESD control
41 7,269,899 Method for creating power-ground plane partitioning and via connection to utilize channel/trenches for power delivery