Intel patents granted on 19 April 2016

Intel patents granted on 19 April 2016
58 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D754,123 Electronic device
2 D754,122 Portable personal computer
3 9,320,149 Bumpless build-up layer package including a release layer
4 9,320,063 Resuming packet services in a mobile network
5 9,320,054 Device, system and method of scheduling communications with a group of wireless communication units
6 9,320,015 Transmission point indication in coordinated multi-point system
7 9,320,010 Apparatus, system and method of estimating a location of a mobile device
8 9,320,009 Fine timing measurement burst management
9 9,319,994 Method and apparatus for storing mobile station physical measurements and MAC performance statistics in a management information base of an access point
10 9,319,981 Apparatus, system and method of controlling a wireless docking device
11 9,319,974 Communication transmission methods and systems
12 9,319,965 Apparatuses and methods for CSI-RS configuration in distributed RRH systems
13 9,319,880 Reformatting data to decrease bandwidth between a video encoder and a buffer
14 9,319,835 Securely managed location-and-tracking service access
15 9,319,702 Dynamic slice resizing while encoding video
16 9,319,325 Adaptive method and system of regulation of yellow traffic in a network
17 9,319,258 Systems, methods, and devices for identifying Wi-Fi signals for spatial reuse
18 9,319,224 Public key infrastructure for system-on-chip
19 9,319,220 Method and apparatus for secure network enclaves
20 9,319,177 Radio communication devices and methods for controlling a radio communication device
21 9,319,166 Method and apparatus for inter-carrier interference mitigation in phase noise limited wirelss communiction systems
22 9,319,165 Radio coexistence in wireless networks
23 9,319,088 Radio communication devices and methods for controlling a radio communication device
24 9,319,039 Forwarded clock jitter reduction
25 9,318,953 Apparatus, system, and method for voltage level switching
26 9,318,952 Series and parallel hybrid switched capacitor networks for IC power delivery
27 9,318,850 Shielding a connector to reduce interference
28 9,318,701 Low voltage embedded memory having cationic-based conductive oxide element
29 9,318,694 Methods of forming a magnetic random access memory etch spacer and structures formed thereby
30 9,318,182 Apparatus, method and system to determine memory access command timing based on error detection
31 9,318,143 Motion detection enabled power optimized display
32 9,318,125 Noise reduction devices and noise reduction methods
33 9,317,964 Depth of field rasterization
34 9,317,892 Method and device to augment volatile memory in a graphics subsystem with non-volatile memory
35 9,317,768 Techniques for improved feature detection
36 9,317,746 Techniques for occlusion accomodation
37 9,317,719 SM3 hash algorithm acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
38 9,317,480 Method and apparatus for reduced memory footprint fast fourier transforms
39 9,317,466 Completion combining to improve effective link bandwidth by disposing at end of two-end link a matching engine for outstanding non-posted transactions
40 9,317,464 Method, apparatus and system for configuring coupling with input-output contacts of an integrated circuit
41 9,317,441 Indexed page address translation to reduce memory footprint in virtualized environments
42 9,317,429 Apparatus and method for implementing a multi-level memory hierarchy over common memory channels
43 9,317,421 Memory management
44 9,317,389 Apparatus and method for controlling the reliability stress rate on a processor
45 9,317,364 Memory controller with distribution transformer
46 9,317,362 Method and system to improve the performance and/or reliability of a solid-state drive
47 9,317,360 Machine check summary register
48 9,317,353 Method, apparatus and system for performing voltage margining
49 9,317,342 Characterization of within-die variations of many-core processors
50 9,317,297 Replay execution of instructions in thread chunks in the chunk order recorded during previous execution
51 9,317,263 Hardware compilation and/or translation with fault detection and roll back functionality
52 9,317,212 Method and apparatus for controlling a storage device
53 9,317,156 Mobile device rejection of unintentional touch sensor contact
54 9,317,155 Ruggedized wearable electronic device for wireless communication
55 9,317,150 Virtual and configurable touchscreens
56 9,317,101 Techniques for multimedia playback
57 9,317,089 Mesh performance improvement using dual voltage data transfer
58 9,317,059 Systems and methods for tracking elapsed time