Intel patents granted on 19 August 2014

33 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,813,223 Secure network topology on a virtualized server
2 8,813,083 Method and system for safe enqueuing of events
3 8,813,080 System and method to optimize OS scheduling decisions for power savings based on temporal characteristics of the scheduled entity and system workload
4 8,813,077 Virtualization event processing in a layered virtualization architecture
5 8,813,057 Branch pruning in architectures with speculation support
6 8,812,882 Voltage regulation for a computer system providing voltage positioning for multi-component load
7 8,812,878 Limiting false wakeups of computing device components coupled via links
8 8,812,873 Secure execution of a computer program using binary translators
9 8,812,828 Methods and apparatuses for recovering usage of trusted platform module
10 8,812,823 Memory disambiguation techniques using counter ratio to selectively disable load/store conflict prediction
11 8,812,792 Technique for using memory attributes
12 8,812,758 Mechanism to flexibly support multiple device numbers on point-to-point interconnect upstream ports
13 8,812,749 Programmable video processing and video storage architecture
14 8,812,746 Dynamically configurable device host controller
15 8,812,717 System and method for providing random access to a multimedia object over a network
16 8,812,704 Method, apparatus and system for platform identity binding in a network node
17 8,812,470 Method and apparatus to reorder search results in view of identified information of interest
18 8,812,026 System and method for autonomous connectivity to improve location-based information
19 8,811,986 Cell reselection mechanism for a base station with closed subscriber group
20 8,811,956 Techniques for lawful interception in wireless networks
21 8,811,947 Management of IDs for closed subscriber group (CSG) base stations
22 8,811,924 Diversity receiver and method performed by a diversity receiver
23 8,811,494 Local macroblock information buffer
24 8,811,430 Packetized interface for coupling agents
25 8,811,299 Techniques for requesting bandwidth allocation
26 8,811,258 Enhanced local communications in mobile broadband networks
27 8,811,144 User equipment (UE)-specific assignment of demodulation reference signal (DMRS) sequences to support uplink (UL) coordinated multipoint (CoMP)
28 8,811,110 Configuration for power reduction in DRAM
29 8,810,304 Adaptive power gating and regulation
30 8,810,065 Method to reduce system idle power through system VR output adjustments during Soix states
31 8,809,836 Techniques for forming contacts to quantum well transistors
32 8,809,181 Multi-solder techniques and configurations for integrated circuit package assembly
33 8,809,124 Bumpless build-up layer and laminated core hybrid structures and methods of assembling same