Intel patents granted on 19 January 2010

29 US patents granted on 19 January 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,650,558 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for using the same memory type for both error check and non-error check memory systems
2 7,650,540 Detecting and differentiating SATA loopback modes
3 7,650,518 Method, apparatus, and system for increasing single core performance in a multi-core microprocessor
4 7,650,489 Determining coherency between a non-volatile memory and a system
5 7,650,488 Communication between processor core partitions with exclusive read or write to descriptor queues for shared memory space
6 7,650,464 Object relocation guided by data cache miss profile
7 7,650,459 High speed interface for non-volatile memory
8 7,650,372 Method and apparatus for varying-radix numeration system
9 7,650,273 Performance simulation of multiprocessor systems
10 7,650,271 Time-domain device noise simulator
11 7,650,117 Mitigating interference between wireless systems
12 7,649,955 MIMO receiver and method for beamforming using CORDIC operations
13 7,649,868 Method and system for evaluating a wireless link
14 7,649,861 Multiple antenna multicarrier communication system and method with reduced mobile-station processing
15 7,649,845 Handling hot spots in interconnection networks
16 7,649,836 Link state machine for the advanced switching (AS) architecture
17 7,649,833 Multichannel orthogonal frequency division multiplexed receivers with antenna selection and maximum-ratio combining and associated methods
18 7,649,745 Circuit board including stubless signal paths and method of making same
19 7,649,429 Controlling coupling strength in electromagnetic bus coupling
20 7,649,407 Digitally tuned, integrated RF filters with enhanced linearity for multi-band radio applications
21 7,649,396 Soft error rate hardened latch
22 7,649,388 Analog voltage recovery circuit
23 7,649,385 Logic with state retentive sleep mode
24 7,649,371 Thermal stratification methods
25 7,649,265 Micro-via structure design for high performance integrated circuits
26 7,649,264 Hard mask for low-k interlayer dielectric patterning
27 7,649,239 Dielectric spacers for metal interconnects and method to form the same
28 7,649,191 Forming a carbon layer between phase change layers of a phase change memory
29 7,648,803 Diagonal corner-to-corner sub-resolution assist features for photolithography