Intel patents granted on 19 January 2016

33 US patents granted on 19 January 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,241,423 Fluid-cooled heat dissipation device
2 9,241,351 Techniques and configurations for triggering a plurality of wireless devices
3 9,241,327 LTE enhancements for small packet transmissions
4 9,241,282 Minimization of drive tests uplink measurements
5 9,241,144 Panorama picture scrolling
6 9,241,094 Capturing event information using a digital video camera
7 9,240,951 Apparatus, system and method of controlling data flow to a plurality of endpoints over a communication network
8 9,240,883 Multi-key cryptography for encrypting file system acceleration
9 9,240,811 Switched duplexer front end
10 9,240,775 Circuit arrangements
11 9,240,621 Micro-strip crosstalk compensation using stubs
12 9,240,552 Carbon nanotube semiconductor devices and deterministic nanofabrication methods
13 9,240,410 Group III-N nanowire transistors
14 9,240,377 X-line routing for dense multi-chip-package interconnects
15 9,240,322 Method for forming superactive deactivation-resistant junction with laser anneal and multiple implants
16 9,240,271 Inductor that switches between coupled and decoupled states
17 9,240,250 Apparatus and method to reduce power delivery noise for partial writes
18 9,239,915 Synchronizing between host and management co-processor for network access control
19 9,239,810 Low power universal serial bus
20 9,239,801 Systems and methods for preventing unauthorized stack pivoting
21 9,239,789 Method and apparatus for monitor and MWAIT in a distributed cache architecture
22 9,239,739 Methods and apparatus for controlling affinity for execution entities
23 9,239,728 Method, system, and device for securely handling virtual function driver communications with a physical function driver
24 9,239,712 Software pipelining at runtime
25 9,239,702 Data processing apparatus
26 9,239,668 Provision of a user interface based on user interaction with a computing device
27 9,239,636 System and method for adjusting a field of view in a camera of an electronic device
28 9,239,611 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including balancing power among multi-frequency domains of a processor based on efficiency rating scheme
29 9,239,607 Storing data using a direct data path architecture to reduce energy consumption and improve performance
30 9,239,439 Optical and electrical connector
31 9,239,340 Optomechanical sensor for accelerometry and gyroscopy
32 9,239,060 Blower assembly for electronic device
33 9,238,377 Method and system of lens shading color correction using block matching