Intel patents granted on 19 July 2011

32 US patents granted on 19 July 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,984,431 Method and apparatus for exploiting thread-level parallelism
2 7,984,314 Power management of low power link states
3 7,984,286 Apparatus and method for secure boot environment
4 7,984,273 System and method for using a mask register to track progress of gathering elements from memory
5 7,984,250 Dynamic updating of thresholds in accordance with operating conditons
6 7,984,248 Transaction based shared data operations in a multiprocessor environment
7 7,984,244 Method and apparatus for supporting scalable coherence on many-core products through restricted exposure
8 7,984,237 Integrated circuit capable of pre-fetching data
9 7,984,208 Method using port task scheduler
10 7,984,203 Address window support for direct memory access translation
11 7,983,909 Method and apparatus for encoding audio data
12 7,983,810 PC-based automobile owner’s manual, diagnostics, and auto care
13 7,983,621 Sleep-mode statistics apparatus, systems, and methods
14 7,983,505 Performing deblocking on pixel data
15 7,983,501 Noise detection and estimation techniques for picture enhancement
16 7,983,378 Extended multi-modulus prescaler
17 7,983,366 Transmission signaling techniques to enhance receiver interference mitigation performance
18 7,983,275 LAN emulation over infiniband fabric apparatus, systems, and methods
19 7,983,218 Techniques to support seamless mobility of electronic devices engaged in a session initiation protocol (SIP) session
20 7,983,142 Apparatus, systems, and methods for the reception and synchronization of asynchronous signals
21 7,983,091 Divided bitline flash memory array with local sense and signal transmission
22 7,983,045 Method and apparatus for inverted vortex generator for enhanced cooling
23 7,983,020 Carbon nanotube coated capacitor electrodes
24 7,982,805 Detecting video format information in a sequence of video pictures
25 7,982,574 Integrated transformer
26 7,982,478 Liquid TIM dispense and removal method and assembly
27 7,982,311 Solder limiting layer for integrated circuit die copper bumps
28 7,982,204 Using unstable nitrides to form semiconductor structures
29 7,981,758 Systems and methods to laminate passives onto substrate
30 7,981,756 Common plate capacitor array connections, and processes of making same
31 7,981,726 Copper plating connection for multi-die stack in substrate package
32 7,980,865 Substrate with raised edge pads