Intel patents granted on 19 July 2016

93 US patents granted on 19 July 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D761,792 Wearable computing device
2 D761,786 Electronic device
3 D761,779 Positionable lanyard ring for a mobile computer device
4 9,398,699 Dual epoxy dielectric and photosensitive solder mask coatings, and processes of making same
5 9,398,638 Communication terminal and method for using a communication service
6 9,398,604 System and method for managing multiradio communications in a single device
7 9,398,575 Communication terminal and a method for reporting a channel quality
8 9,398,572 Enhanced physical downlink control channel (ePDCCH) inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC)
9 9,398,559 Link adaptation in coordinated multipoint system
10 9,398,551 Performing multiple timing advance adjustments in a carrier aggregation communication system
11 9,398,531 Dynamic field control method and system to conserve energy during NFC communication
12 9,398,529 System and method for enabling low power devices
13 9,398,526 Techniques for establishing communications with a local wireless network
14 9,398,503 Wireless module and method for local IP access packet data network release
15 9,398,500 Systems, methods, and devices for cell selection based on prioritized nodes
16 9,398,498 IMS based P2P streaming and download services
17 9,398,484 UE, eNB and method for channel access priority for distributed D2D
18 9,398,465 User equipment distribution information collection
19 9,398,448 Enhanced wireless communication security
20 9,398,412 Indoor position location using docked mobile devices
21 9,398,408 Gaze-directed content delivery
22 9,398,399 Device, system and method of bluetooth communication
23 9,398,311 Motion and quality adaptive rolling intra refresh
24 9,398,297 Integral image coding
25 9,398,280 AWB using face detection
26 9,398,262 Communication using avatar
27 9,398,211 Multi-device alignment for collaborative media capture
28 9,398,120 Time-slotted data packets with a preamble
29 9,398,065 Audio/video streaming in a topology of devices with native WiGig sink
30 9,398,062 Timing synchronization in discovery signals
31 9,397,945 Physical uplink control channel (PUCCH) resource allocation (RA) for a hybrid automatic retransmission re-quest-acknowledge (HARQ-ACK) transmission
32 9,397,899 Techniques for fractional wireless broadband usage
33 9,397,817 Methods, systems and apparatuses to mitigate communication collisions
34 9,397,795 Simultaneous transmit and receive
35 9,397,792 Efficient link layer retry protocol utilizing implicit acknowledgements
36 9,397,742 Receiver circuit and method performed by such receiver circuit
37 9,397,740 Modular antenna array with RF and baseband beamforming
38 9,397,739 Method for transmitting a data signal in a MIMO system
39 9,397,736 Quantized eigen beams for controlling antenna array elements in a wireless network
40 9,397,714 Radio frequency receiver circuit and the inductor-coupling single-ended input differential-output low-noise amplifier thereof
41 9,397,689 Interpolator systems and methods
42 9,397,683 Reduced digital audio sampling rates in digital audio processing chain
43 9,397,641 Apparatus and method for low power fully-interruptible latches and master-slave flip-flops
44 9,397,566 Master-slave digital voltage regulators
45 9,397,506 Voltage management device for a stacked battery
46 9,397,471 Heat removal from photonic devices
47 9,397,188 Group III-N nanowire transistors
48 9,397,166 Strained channel region transistors employing source and drain stressors and systems including the same
49 9,397,165 Active regions with compatible dielectric layers
50 9,397,143 Liner for phase change memory (PCM) array and associated techniques and configurations
51 9,397,102 III-V layers for N-type and P-type MOS source-drain contacts
52 9,397,079 Multichip integration with through silicon via (TSV) die embedded in package
53 9,397,071 High density interconnection of microelectronic devices
54 9,397,019 Integrated circuit package configurations to reduce stiffness
55 9,397,016 Flip chip assembly process for ultra thin substrate and package on package assembly
56 9,396,883 Faradaic energy storage device structures and associated techniques and configurations
57 9,396,787 Memory operations using system thermal sensor data
58 9,396,785 Memory device refresh commands on the fly
59 9,396,784 Reduction of power consumption in memory devices during refresh modes
60 9,396,582 Five-dimensional rasterization with conservative bounds
61 9,396,519 Content aware video resizing
62 9,396,513 Using group page fault descriptors to handle context switches and process terminations in graphics processors
63 9,396,408 Techniques for improving stereo block matching with the pyramid method
64 9,396,384 User authentication via image manipulation
65 9,396,329 Methods and apparatus for a safe and secure software update solution against attacks from malicious or unauthorized programs to update protected secondary storage
66 9,396,152 Device, system and method for communication with heterogenous physical layers
67 9,396,151 PCI express tunneling over a multi-protocol I/O interconnect
68 9,396,120 Adjustable over-restrictive cache locking limit for improved overall performance
69 9,396,118 Efficient dynamic randomizing address remapping for PCM caching to improve endurance and anti-attack
70 9,396,065 Extensible memory hub
71 9,396,059 Exchange error information from platform firmware to operating system
72 9,396,056 Conditional memory fault assist suppression
73 9,396,032 Priority based context preemption
74 9,396,020 Context switching mechanism for a processing core having a general purpose CPU core and a tightly coupled accelerator
75 9,396,000 Methods and systems to permit multiple virtual machines to separately configure and access a physical device
76 9,395,994 Embedded branch prediction unit
77 9,395,993 Execution-aware memory protection
78 9,395,990 Mode dependent partial width load to wider register processors, methods, and systems
79 9,395,980 Residual addition for video software techniques
80 9,395,903 Sharing information between computing devices
81 9,395,821 Systems and techniques for user interface control
82 9,395,820 Techniques for notebook hinge sensors
83 9,395,806 Method and apparatus for a power-efficient framework to maintain data synchronization of a mobile personal computer to simulate a connected scenario
84 9,395,796 Dynamic graphics geometry preprocessing frequency scaling and prediction of performance gain
85 9,395,788 Power state transition analysis
86 9,395,784 Independently controlling frequency of plurality of power domains in a processor system
87 9,395,774 Total platform power control
88 9,395,762 Hinge configuration for an electronic device
89 9,395,698 Bang-bang time to digital converter systems and methods
90 9,395,613 Optical device
91 9,395,575 Display for electronic device
92 9,395,494 Optical device using echelle grating that provides total internal reflection of light
93 9,394,619 Methods of adding dopants to conductive interconnect structures in substrate technologies and structures formed thereby