Intel patents granted on 19 November 2013

25 US patents granted on 19 November 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,590,040 Runtime platform firmware verification
2 8,590,023 Mobile device and method for automatic connectivity, data offloading and roaming between networks
3 8,589,745 On-die logic analyzer for semiconductor die
4 8,589,723 Method and apparatus to provide a high availability solid state drive
5 8,589,706 Data inversion based approaches for reducing memory power consumption
6 8,589,663 Technique to perform three-source operations
7 8,589,613 Method and system to improve the operations of an integrated non-transparent bridge device
8 8,589,367 Method of providing content items
9 8,589,302 Automated modular and secure boot firmware update
10 8,589,154 Method and apparatus for encoding audio data
11 8,588,730 Identifying the location of mobile stations
12 8,588,714 Method and apparatus for regulating a power amplifier
13 8,588,707 Reference frequency control in multi-modal devices
14 8,588,700 Method for setting data transmission parameters and communication device
15 8,588,570 Two-photon-absorption-based silicon waveguide photo-power monitor
16 8,588,221 Method and interface for interfacing a radio frequency transceiver with a baseband processor
17 8,588,201 Method and apparatus for improving RF coverage area in a wireless network
18 8,588,139 MAC/PHY identification of base station types and their preferred and restricted access
19 8,588,091 Device, system and method of wireless communication over a combined channel
20 8,587,705 Hardware and software partitioned image processing pipeline
21 8,587,615 Method, system, and computer-readable recording medium for providing information on an object using viewing frustums
22 8,587,585 Backface culling for motion blur and depth of field
23 8,587,532 Multi-feature interactive touch user interface
24 8,586,393 Stress sensor for in-situ measurement of package-induced stress in semiconductor devices
25 8,586,385 Method and device for biomolecule preparation and detection using magnetic array