Intel patents granted on 19 October 2010

34 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 RE41,849 Parallel multi-threaded processing
2 7,818,808 Processor mode for limiting the operation of guest software running on a virtual machine supported by a virtual machine monitor
3 7,818,744 Apparatus and method for redundant software thread computation
4 7,818,642 Hierarchical test response compaction for a plurality of logic blocks
5 7,818,596 Method and apparatus of power management of processor
6 7,818,595 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic clock adjustment
7 7,818,594 Power efficient resource allocation in data centers
8 7,818,560 System information synchronization in a links-based multi-processor system
9 7,818,555 Method and apparatus for changing a configuration of a computing system
10 7,818,547 Method and apparatus for efficient resource utilization for prescient instruction prefetch
11 7,818,496 Processor system management mode caching
12 7,818,356 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
13 7,818,013 Downlink channel parameters determination for a multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system
14 7,817,873 Enhancing contrast of video data while preserving sharpness
15 7,817,769 Real time clock rate checker and recovery mechanism
16 7,817,748 Pragmatic adaptive maximum ratio combining (MRC) and minimum mean square error (MMSE) multiple input multiple output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) receiver algorithm
17 7,817,634 Network with a constrained usage model supporting remote direct memory access
18 7,817,593 Method for aggregation of a number of media access control (MAC) frames into a single phyical layer frame in a distributed MAC layer
19 7,817,590 System and related methods for beamforming in a multi-point communications environment
20 7,817,579 Access point having at least one or more configurable radios
21 7,817,575 Method for achieving fairness in a network
22 7,817,400 Relay actuator circuit and method
23 7,817,394 Systems, apparatus and methods capable of shelf management
24 7,817,252 Holder for carrying a photolithography mask in a flattened condition
25 7,817,206 Determining a final exposure setting automatically for a solid state camera without a separate light metering circuit
26 7,817,068 Low power serial link bus architecture
27 7,817,044 RFID enabled multiband antenna
28 7,816,779 Multimode signaling on decoupled input/output and power channels
29 7,816,487 Die-attach films for chip-scale packaging, packages made therewith, and methods of assembling same
30 7,816,250 Composite solder TIM for electronic package
31 7,816,218 Selective deposition of amorphous silicon films on metal gates
32 7,816,171 Component packaging apparatus, systems, and methods
33 7,816,061 Lithography masks for improved line-end patterning
34 7,815,451 Electromagnetic coupler registration and mating