Intel patents granted on 20 August 2013

29 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,516,577 Regulating atomic memory operations to prevent denial of service attack
2 8,516,551 Providing a multi-phase lockstep integrity reporting mechanism
3 8,516,483 Transparent support for operating system services for a sequestered sequencer
4 8,516,468 Multiversioning if statement merging and loop fusion
5 8,516,459 XSLT-specific XJIT compiler
6 8,516,382 System and method for creating and displaying classes of graphical display objects
7 8,516,285 Method, apparatus and system to dynamically choose an optimum power state
8 8,516,220 Recording dirty information in software distributed shared memory systems
9 8,516,201 Protecting private data from cache attacks
10 8,516,093 Playlist compilation system and method
11 8,516,092 Method and system for providing keyboard, video, and mouse switching
12 8,516,024 Establishing thread priority in a processor or the like
13 8,515,364 Radio-frequency transmitter and amplifier
14 8,515,359 Method and apparatus to provide low cost transmit beamforming for network devices
15 8,515,352 Dynamically reconfigurable universal transmitter system
16 8,515,192 Parallel entropy encoding of dependent image blocks
17 8,514,918 Close-loop power transmission calibration
18 8,514,821 Central controller and methods for interference mitigation in TDMA networks using randomly allocated service periods
19 8,514,790 System and method for optimizing network wireless communication resources
20 8,514,533 Method, apparatus, and system for protecting supply nodes from electrostatic discharge
21 8,513,995 System including circuitry providing multiple circuit paths for controlling a characteristic of a period signal
22 8,513,966 Probes formed from semiconductor region vias
23 8,513,792 Package-on-package interconnect stiffener
24 8,513,750 Forming inductor and transformer structures with magnetic materials using damascene processing for integrated circuits
25 8,513,741 Logic circuits using carbon nanotube transistors
26 8,513,111 Forming semiconductor structures
27 8,513,108 Apparatus, system, and method for wireless connection in integrated circuit packages
28 8,513,002 Devices and methods for dual excitation Raman spectroscopy
29 8,512,559 Device, method, and system for separation and detection of biomolecules and cells