Intel patents granted on 20 December 2011

16 US patents granted on 20 December 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,082,565 Converged communication server with transaction management
2 8,082,470 Share resources and increase reliability in a server environment
3 8,082,440 Managed data region for server management
4 8,082,431 System and method for increasing platform boot efficiency
5 8,082,430 Representing a plurality of instructions with a fewer number of micro-operations
6 8,082,419 Residual addition for video software techniques
7 8,082,418 Method and apparatus for coherent device initialization and access
8 8,081,967 Method to manage medium access for a mixed wireless network
9 8,081,837 Image sensor array leakage and dark current compensation
10 8,081,612 Device, system, and method of selectively activating a wireless network connection
11 8,081,506 Amorphous semiconductor threshold switch volatile memory cell
12 8,081,489 Two piece wire bale independent load mechanism
13 8,081,234 Technique for increased exposure range in image sensors
14 8,080,870 Die-warpage compensation structures for thinned-die devices, and methods of assembling same
15 8,080,820 Apparatus and methods for improving parallel conduction in a quantum well device
16 8,080,475 Removal chemistry for selectively etching metal hard mask