Intel patents granted on 20 December 2016

54 US patents granted on 20 December 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D774,488 Wireless dock
2 9,526,180 Reducing dielectric loss in solder masks
3 9,526,175 Suspended inductor microelectronic structures
4 9,526,163 Device and method for crosstalk reduction in transmission lines
5 9,526,126 Mobile communications radio receiver for multiple network operation
6 9,526,103 Methods and arrangements to assign slots in restricted access windows in wireless networks
7 9,526,091 Method and apparatus for coordination of self-optimization functions in a wireless network
8 9,526,083 Cellular network scanning control based on ambient identifiable wireless signal sources
9 9,526,042 Fast handover method for cross sector scenario in mobile communication systems
10 9,526,029 Methods and arrangements for packet flows in wireless networks
11 9,526,027 Trusted WLAN connectivity to 3GPP evolved packet core
12 9,526,022 Establishing operating system and application-based routing policies in multi-mode user equipment
13 9,526,001 Device-to-device discovery with direct radio signals
14 9,525,974 Apparatus, system and method of performing a position measurement
15 9,525,960 System and method for improving network access in machine to machine communication
16 9,525,935 Audio processing during low-power operation
17 9,525,923 Multi-detection of heartbeat to reduce error probability
18 9,525,803 Object detection using motion estimation
19 9,525,668 Face based secure messaging
20 9,525,626 Managing sideband routers in On-Die system fabric
21 9,525,586 QoS based binary translation and application streaming
22 9,525,555 Partitioning access to system resources
23 9,525,539 Multi-transceiver wireless communication device and methods for adaptive multi-band communication
24 9,525,538 Apparatus, system and method of communicating non-cellular access network information over a cellular network
25 9,525,525 Device, system and method of transferring a wireless communication session between wireless communication frequency bands
26 9,525,499 Cellular up-link harmonic spurs mitigation in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receivers
27 9,525,471 Enhanced node B and method for precoding with reduced quantization error
28 9,525,469 Method and devices for multiple station sounding in a wireless local area network
29 9,525,446 Interference averaging and interference resource groups in a wireless communication system
30 9,525,441 Common mode noise introduction to reduce radio frequency interference
31 9,525,383 Apparatus and methods for a capacitive digital-to-analog converter based power amplifier
32 9,524,774 Lower page read for multi-level cell memory
33 9,524,712 Adaptive filtering for wired speaker amplifiers
34 9,524,681 Backlight modulation over external display interfaces to save power
35 9,524,587 Adapting content to augmented reality virtual objects
36 9,524,536 Compression techniques for dynamically-generated graphics resources
37 9,524,400 Method and apparatus for remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
38 9,524,297 Management of collaborative teams
39 9,524,265 Providing a serial protocol for a bidirectional serial interconnect
40 9,524,263 Method and apparatus for bus lock assistance
41 9,524,249 Memory encryption engine integration
42 9,524,240 Obscuring memory access patterns in conjunction with deadlock detection or avoidance
43 9,524,227 Apparatuses and methods for generating a suppressed address trace
44 9,524,219 Atomic transactions to non-volatile memory
45 9,524,191 Apparatus including a stall counter to bias processing element selection, and masks to allocate reservation unit entries to one or more processing elements
46 9,524,170 Instruction and logic for memory disambiguation in an out-of-order processor
47 9,524,169 Technologies for efficient LZ77-based data decompression
48 9,524,168 Apparatus and method for shuffling floating point or integer values
49 9,524,041 Touch sensor gesture recognition for operation of mobile devices
50 9,524,009 Managing the operation of a computing device by determining performance-power states
51 9,523,905 Projection device and a method of manufacturing a projection device
52 9,523,721 Method and apparatus for precision CPU monitoring
53 9,523,713 Interconnects including liquid metal
54 9,522,514 Substrate or panel with releasable core