Intel patents granted on 20 January 2015

29 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 8,938,792 Device authentication using a physically unclonable functions based key generation system
2 8,938,737 Delivering interrupts directly to a virtual processor
3 8,938,641 Method and apparatus for synchronizing storage volumes
4 8,938,610 Computing device and method for wireless remote boot in a networked environment
5 8,938,607 Data packet arithmetic logic devices and methods
6 8,938,606 System, apparatus, and method for segment register read and write regardless of privilege level
7 8,938,573 Row hammer condition monitoring
8 8,938,551 Data processing device
9 8,938,271 Operator and third party cloud spectrum services for efficient spectrum usage
10 8,938,256 Communication and control system using location aware devices for producing notification messages operating under rule-based control
11 8,938,250 Distributed micro instruction set processor architecture for high-efficiency signal processing
12 8,938,243 Radio receiver apparatus of a cellular radio network
13 8,938,223 Method to tag a phone call to communicate purpose of the call
14 8,938,205 PA bias optimization for modulation schemes with variable bandwidth
15 8,938,164 Optical link auto-setting
16 8,938,041 Techniques for managing interference in multiple channel communications system
17 8,938,033 Enhanced low power active radio reception
18 8,938,026 System and method for tuning an antenna in a wireless communication device
19 8,938,015 Orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) demodulator with improved cyclic ambiguity resolution
20 8,937,944 Scaling egress network traffic
21 8,937,943 Methods and apparatus to limit transmission of data to a localized area
22 8,937,794 Sort probe over current protection mechanism
23 8,937,530 Radio frequency identification tags adapted for localization and state indication
24 8,937,382 Secondary device integration into coreless microelectronic device packages
25 8,936,976 Conductivity improvements for III-V semiconductor devices
26 8,936,974 Silicon germanium and germanium multigate and nanowire structures for logic and multilevel memory applications
27 8,936,967 Solder in cavity interconnection structures
28 8,936,483 Connector having a portion protruding from an over-mold portion receivable in connectors of multiple form factors
29 8,936,406 Camera reading apparatus with document alignment guide