Intel patents granted on 20 March 2012

19 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,141,082 Node-based representation of multi-threaded computing environment tasks, and node-based data race evaluation
2 8,141,051 Methods and apparatus to collect runtime trace data associated with application performance
3 8,140,781 Multi-level page-walk apparatus for out-of-order memory controllers supporting virtualization technology
4 8,140,474 Aggregation of file/directory structures
5 8,140,089 Network selection for multiple network platforms
6 8,140,087 Techniques for always on always connected operation of mobile platforms using network interface cards
7 8,140,068 Techniques for feedback in cellular systems to mitigate interference in downlink
8 8,139,894 Automatic dominant orientation estimation in text images based on steerable filters
9 8,139,536 Techniques for explicit feedback delay measurement
10 8,139,535 Blind channel detection techniques
11 8,138,926 Methods and apparatus for monitoring and guiding human subjects interacting with objects
12 8,138,803 Apparatus and method for selectively enabling and disabling a squelch circuit across AHCI and SATA power states
13 8,138,724 Battery pulse charging method and apparatus
14 8,138,599 Wireless communication device integrated into a single package
15 8,138,239 Polymer thermal interface materials
16 8,138,084 Electroless Cu plating for enhanced self-forming barrier layers
17 8,138,042 Capacitor, method of increasing a capacitance area of same, and system containing same
18 8,136,987 Ratio meter for temperature sensor
19 8,136,244 Integrated heat spreader and method of fabrication