Intel patents granted on 20 May 2008

30 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,376,952 Optimizing critical section microblocks by controlling thread execution
2 7,376,950 Signal aggregation
3 7,376,922 Method and apparatus for integrated circuit datapath layout using a vector editor
4 7,376,897 Method, apparatus, and system for determining information representations and modalities based on user preferences and resource consumption
5 7,376,877 Combined tag and data ECC for enhanced soft error recovery from cache tag errors
6 7,376,870 Self-monitoring and updating of firmware over a network
7 7,376,854 System for enabling and disabling voltage regulator controller of electronic appliance according to a series of delay times assigned to voltage regulator controllers
8 7,376,849 Method, apparatus and system of adjusting one or more performance-related parameters of a processor
9 7,376,789 Wide-port context cache apparatus, systems, and methods
10 7,376,782 Index/data register pair for indirect register access
11 7,376,775 Apparatus, system, and method to enable transparent memory hot plug/remove
12 7,376,769 Wireless computing device having an application and wireless subsystem and method therefore
13 7,376,761 Configuration data management
14 7,376,696 User interface to facilitate exchanging files among processor-based devices
15 7,376,694 Coalescing information from multiple sources based on priority rules
16 7,376,435 Transferring multiple data units over a wireless communication link
17 7,376,147 Adaptor supporting different protocols
18 7,376,146 Bus conversion device, system and method
19 7,376,143 Systems and methods for contention control in wireless networks
20 7,376,093 Filtering method to allow FDD and TDD operations in PCS transreceivers
21 7,375,978 Method and apparatus for trace shielding and routing on a substrate
22 7,375,443 CPU surge reduction and protection
23 7,375,432 Via attached to a bond pad utilizing a tapered interconnect
24 7,375,425 Fabricating stacked chips using fluidic templated-assembly
25 7,375,412 iTFC with optimized C(T)
26 7,375,288 Apparatuses and methods for improving ball-grid-array solder joint reliability
27 7,375,030 Method to assay sacrificial light absorbing materials and spin on glass materials for chemical origin of defectivity
28 7,374,867 Enhancing photoresist performance using electric fields
29 7,374,865 Methods to pattern contacts using chromeless phase shift masks
30 7,374,349 Optical fiber connector