Intel patents granted on 20 May 2014

26 US patents granted on 20 May 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,732,704 Support for personal computing in a public computing infrastructure by using a single VM delta image for each VM base image utilized by a user
2 8,732,698 Apparatus and method for expedited virtual machine (VM) launch in VM cluster environment
3 8,732,686 Generating optimal instruction sequences for bitwise logical expressions
4 8,732,678 Methods and apparatus for dynamic best fit compilation of mixed mode instructions
5 8,732,548 Instruction-set architecture for programmable cyclic redundancy check (CRC) computations
6 8,732,399 Technique for preserving cached information during a low power mode
7 8,732,226 Integer rounding operation
8 8,732,142 Generation of suggestions to correct data race errors
9 8,731,549 Neighbor list broadcasting techniques
10 8,731,494 Device, system and method of detecting transmitter power
11 8,731,346 Waveguide integration on laser for alignment-tolerant assembly
12 8,731,092 Apparatus and associated methods to perform space-frequency interleaving in a multicarrier wireless communication channel
13 8,731,038 Method and apparatus for determining channel state information
14 8,730,993 Methods and apparatus for uplink MU MIMO scheduling
15 8,730,984 Queuing based on packet classification
16 8,730,910 Methods and apparatus for providing a handover control system associated with a wireless communication network
17 8,730,894 Variable bandwidth OFDM receiver and methods for receiving OFDM signals of different bandwidths
18 8,730,857 Filtering group-addressed frames in Wi-Fi devices
19 8,730,827 Estimating quality of a signal in mobile wireless communication systems
20 8,730,755 Single transistor driver for address lines in a phase change memory and switch (PCMS) array
21 8,730,393 Gradient adaptive video de-interlacing
22 8,730,074 Successive approximation analog-to-digital conversion with gain control for tuners
23 8,729,714 Flip-chip wafer level package and methods thereof
24 8,729,704 Multilayer dielectric memory device
25 8,728,869 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device and semiconductor package
26 8,727,208 Method for identifying pills via an optical device