Intel patents granted on 20 November 2007

25 US patents granted on 20 November 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,299,463 Method for atomically updating a plurality of files
2 7,299,433 Timing analysis apparatus, systems, and methods
3 7,299,425 Method and apparatus to create bypass logic in a digital circuit design
4 7,299,379 Maintaining cache integrity by recording write addresses in a log
5 7,299,370 Method and apparatus for improved reliability and reduced power in a processor by automatic voltage control during processor idle states
6 7,299,354 Method to authenticate clients and hosts to provide secure network boot
7 7,299,350 Internet protocol security decryption with secondary use speculative interrupts
8 7,299,304 Method and architecture to support interaction between a host computer and remote devices
9 7,299,012 Circuit to add and subtract two differential signals
10 7,298,973 Architecture, method and system of multiple high-speed servers to network in WDM based photonic burst-switched networks
11 7,298,965 Interfering with illicit recording activity
12 7,298,849 Method and apparatus for simultaneous encryption and decryption of publicly distributed media
13 7,298,837 Cross-over voltage lock for differential output drivers
14 7,298,782 Method and apparatus for improved memory management of video images
15 7,298,751 SS7 gateway for wireless communication networks
16 7,298,745 Method and apparatus to manage packet fragmentation with address translation
17 7,298,744 Method and apparatus for centralized processing of contiguously and virtually concatenated payloads
18 7,298,698 Method and apparatus for statistically controlling priority between queues
19 7,298,651 Architecture for virtual ground memory arrays
20 7,297,922 Optical receiver protection circuit
21 7,297,369 Process for micro-grooving a polymer alignment layer for a liquid crystal display
22 7,296,963 Multi-row passive component carrier tape
23 7,296,936 Method, apparatus, and system for using an optical link with electrical link receiver detection
24 7,296,928 Failsafe mechanism for preventing an integrated circuit from overheating
25 7,296,739 Managing on-line transactions