Intel patents granted on 20 October 2009

36 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,607,071 Error correction using iterating generation of data syndrome
2 7,607,068 Apparatus and method for generating a Galois-field syndrome
3 7,607,048 Method and apparatus for protecting TLB’s VPN from soft errors
4 7,606,981 System and method for reducing store latency
5 7,606,980 Demand-based error correction
6 7,606,974 Automatic caching generation in network applications
7 7,606,962 Deferring peripheral traffic with sideband control
8 7,606,960 Apparatus for adjusting a clock frequency of a variable speed bus
9 7,606,954 Data storage using compression
10 7,606,860 Peer discovery and connection management based on context sensitive social networks
11 7,606,848 Detector in parallel with a logic component
12 7,606,423 Method and apparatus for blocking artifact detection and measurement in block-coded video
13 7,606,403 Model-based fusion of scanning probe microscopic images for detection and identification of molecular structures
14 7,606,393 Image selection based on image content
15 7,606,353 Signal amplitude and clock signal frequency selection
16 7,606,332 Variable signal delaying circuit, quadrature frequency converter and radio frequency tuner
17 7,606,309 Motion estimation for video processing using 2-D (spatial) convolution
18 7,606,269 Method and apparatus for detecting and managing loss of alignment in a virtually concatenated group
19 7,606,259 Communication resource scheduling among multiple links
20 7,606,236 Forwarding information base lookup method
21 7,606,204 Subscriber unit in a hybrid link incorporating spatial multiplexing
22 7,606,192 Transmitting signals on a channel used for traffic and access in a communications system
23 7,606,151 Power reduction in switch architectures
24 7,606,139 Preamble detection using frequency based correlation
25 7,606,062 Ultra low voltage and minimum operating voltage tolerant register file
26 7,605,916 Online analyte detection by surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
27 7,605,795 Power efficient screens through display size reduction
28 7,605,675 Electromechanical switch with partially rigidified electrode
29 7,605,671 Component-less termination for electromagnetic couplers used in high speed/frequency differential signaling
30 7,605,668 Delay stage with controllably variable capacitive load
31 7,605,625 Device, system and method of delay calibration
32 7,605,469 Atomic layer deposited tantalum containing adhesion layer
33 7,605,073 Sealants for metal interconnect protection in microelectronic devices having air gap interconnect structures
34 7,604,834 Formation of dielectric film by alternating between deposition and modification
35 7,604,486 Lateral force countering load mechanism for LGA sockets
36 7,603,769 Method of coupling a surface mount device