Intel patents granted on 20 October 2015

57 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D741,318 Electronic device with a window
2 9,167,624 Method and operation for operation between WPAN and WLAN for a network interface card
3 9,167,574 Blind decoding for an enhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH)
4 9,167,571 Base station and method for resource allocation using localized and distributed resource blocks
5 9,167,525 Power management for wireless networks
6 9,167,412 Techniques for roaming between wireless local area networks belonging to a social network
7 9,167,303 Method and apparatus for manipulating MPEG video
8 9,167,120 Document policies for a document processing unit
9 9,167,105 Automatic adjustments of audio alert characteristics of an alert device using ambient noise levels
10 9,166,959 Secure communication using physical proximity
11 9,166,849 Large delay cyclic delay diversity (CDD) precoder for open loop multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)
12 9,166,830 Systems and methods utilizing adaptive envelope tracking
13 9,166,821 Provider presence information
14 9,166,773 System timing margin improvement of high speed I/O interconnect links by using fine training of phase interpolator
15 9,166,741 OFDM transmitter with variable code block interleaver and method for OFDM communications with variable code block sizes
16 9,166,718 Downlink control indication for a stand-alone new carrier type (NCT)
17 9,166,653 NFC sensor with power sleep mode
18 9,166,652 Near field coupling solutions for Wi-Fi based wireless docking
19 9,166,434 Universal charger
20 9,166,284 Package structures including discrete antennas assembled on a device
21 9,166,277 Integrated antenna assembly
22 9,166,150 Electric field enhanced spin transfer torque memory (STTM) device
23 9,166,004 Semiconductor device contacts
24 9,165,914 Forming die backside coating structures with coreless packages
25 9,165,857 Heat dissipation lid having direct liquid contact conduits
26 9,165,841 System and process for fabricating semiconductor packages
27 9,165,824 Interconnects with fully clad lines
28 9,165,647 Multistage memory cell read
29 9,165,403 Planetary scale object rendering
30 9,165,348 Stochastic rasterization with selective culling
31 9,165,347 Method of and apparatus for local optimization texture synthesis 3-D inpainting
32 9,165,287 Apparatus and method for augmenting digital educational content with social learning tools
33 9,165,196 Augmenting ADAS features of a vehicle with image processing support in on-board vehicle platform
34 9,165,141 Systems and methods for providing anti-malware protection and malware forensics on storage devices
35 9,165,129 Keyboard as biometric authentication device
36 9,165,113 System and method for quantitative assessment of frailty
37 9,164,943 Self correction logic for serial-to-parallel converters
38 9,164,938 Method to integrate ARM ecosystem IPs into PCI-based interconnect
39 9,164,931 Clamping of dynamic capacitance for graphics
40 9,164,923 Dynamic pinning of virtual pages shared between different type processors of a heterogeneous computing platform
41 9,164,920 Using permission bits in translating guests virtual addresses to guest physical addresses to host physical addresses
42 9,164,918 Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
43 9,164,917 Linear to physical address translation with support for page attributes
44 9,164,916 Linear to physical address translation with support for page attributes
45 9,164,901 Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
46 9,164,836 Cycling endurance extending for memory cells of a non-volatile memory array
47 9,164,764 Single instruction for specifying and saving a subset of registers, specifying a pointer to a work-monitoring function to be executed after waking, and entering a low-power mode
48 9,164,762 Rotate instructions that complete execution without reading carry flag
49 9,164,735 Enabling polymorphic objects across devices in a heterogeneous platform
50 9,164,589 Dynamic gesture based short-range human-machine interaction
51 9,164,573 Controlling an asymmetrical processor
52 9,164,565 Apparatus and method to manage energy usage of a processor
53 9,164,535 Multi-protocol I/O interconnect time synchronization
54 9,164,404 System and process for fabricating semiconductor packages
55 9,164,368 Method and device for projecting a 3-D viewable image
56 9,162,867 Through-silicon via resonators in chip packages and methods of assembling same
57 9,162,606 Multi-vehicle surveillance system