Intel patents granted on 20 September 2016

66 US patents granted on 20 September 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,451,716 Serviceable chassis for devices
2 9,451,696 Embedded architecture using resin coated copper
3 9,451,638 Methods, wireless communication stations, and system for device coexistence in the 5 GHZ frequency band
4 9,451,604 Signaling and channel designs for D2D communications
5 9,451,578 Temporal and spatial bounding of personal information
6 9,451,545 Enabling coexistence of high-density and low-density transmissions
7 9,451,535 Techniques for wireless network discovery and selection support
8 9,451,485 Detection of misleading identifiable wireless signal sources
9 9,451,469 Apparatus and method for tunneled GPM
10 9,451,386 Resource scheduling for machine-to-machine devices
11 9,451,361 Apparatus, method and system of communicating acoustic information of a distributed microphone array between mobile devices
12 9,450,961 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic adjustments to computing device characteristics in response to changes in user viewing patterns
13 9,450,931 Reducing authentication confidence over time based on user history
14 9,450,888 Providing a bufferless transport method for multi-dimensional mesh topology
15 9,450,881 Method and system for traffic metering to limit a received packet rate
16 9,450,794 Systems and methods for high rate OFDM communications
17 9,450,782 Method for establishing a communication connection and communication device
18 9,450,780 Packet processing approach to improve performance and energy efficiency for software routers
19 9,450,746 Configurations of a forward error correction decoder
20 9,450,725 Wireless apparatus for high-efficiency (HE) communication with additional subcarriers
21 9,450,687 Self-calibrating antenna system
22 9,450,662 Evolved node-B, user equipment, and methods for channel quality indicator (CQI) feedback
23 9,450,647 Antenna coupler for near field wireless docking
24 9,450,635 Cableless connection apparatus and method for communication between chassis
25 9,450,622 Circuit and method for providing a radio frequency signal
26 9,450,592 Frequency control system with dual-input bias generator to separately receive management and operational controls
27 9,450,589 Clock generation system with dynamic distribution bypass mode
28 9,450,553 Apparatus and a method for amplifying a transmit signal
29 9,450,363 Modular power adaptor with a base modular unit having plurality of surface connectors for connection to a power source
30 9,450,092 Stress in trigate devices using complimentary gate fill materials
31 9,449,936 Grid array connection device and method
32 9,449,923 Methods of forming substrate microvias with anchor structures
33 9,449,913 3D interconnect structure comprising fine pitch single damascene backside metal redistribution lines combined with through-silicon vias
34 9,449,765 Energy storage device, method of manufacturing same, and mobile electronic device containing same
35 9,449,671 Techniques for probabilistic dynamic random access memory row repair
36 9,449,594 Adaptive phase difference based noise reduction for automatic speech recognition (ASR)
37 9,449,512 Orchestrating autonomous movements of parked vehicles to optimize parking efficiency
38 9,449,488 Object recognition and notification
39 9,449,420 Reducing the domain shader/tessellator invocations
40 9,449,419 Post tessellation edge cache
41 9,449,363 Sampling, fault management, and/or context switching via a compute pipeline
42 9,449,362 Techniques for reducing accesses for retrieving texture images
43 9,449,360 Reducing the number of sequential operations in an application to be performed on a shared memory cell
44 9,449,200 Methods, systems and apparatus to secure devices via physical and/or virtual locking
45 9,449,173 Techniques for enabling co-existence of multiple security measures
46 9,449,166 Performing authentication based on user shape manipulation
47 9,448,956 Stuffing bits on a memory bus between data bursts
48 9,448,950 Using authenticated manifests to enable external certification of multi-processor platforms
49 9,448,922 High-performance storage structures and systems featuring multiple non-volatile memories
50 9,448,879 Apparatus and method for implement a multi-level memory hierarchy
51 9,448,870 Providing error handling support to legacy devices
52 9,448,867 Processor that detects when system management mode attempts to reach program code outside of protected space
53 9,448,863 Message passing interface tuning using collective operation modeling
54 9,448,831 Efficient graphics virtualization with address ballooning
55 9,448,829 Hetergeneous processor apparatus and method
56 9,448,828 Methods and apparatus to provide dynamic messaging services
57 9,448,802 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
58 9,448,795 Limited range vector memory access instructions, processors, methods, and systems
59 9,448,794 Instruction and logic to provide vector horizontal majority voting functionality
60 9,448,765 Floating point scaling processors, methods, systems, and instructions
61 9,448,755 Wearable electronic device having heterogeneous display screens
62 9,448,694 Graphical user interface for navigating applications
63 9,448,663 Parallel touch point detection using processor graphics
64 9,448,637 Detection of and response to extra-device touch events
65 9,448,278 Direct liquid-contact micro-channel heat transfer devices, methods of temperature control for semiconductive devices, and processes of forming same
66 9,448,084 Dynamic navigation service