Intel patents granted on 21 April 2015

45 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 RE45,487 Processor having execution core sections operating at different clock rates
2 9,015,835 Systems and methods for procedure return address verification
3 9,015,688 Vectorization of scalar functions including vectorization annotations and vectorized function signatures matching
4 9,015,687 Register liveness analysis for SIMD architectures
5 9,015,542 Packetizing JTAG across industry standard interfaces
6 9,015,523 Memory allocation for virtual machines using memory map
7 9,015,511 Non main CPU/OS based operational environment
8 9,015,510 Optimizing energy efficiency using device idle duration information and latency tolerance based on a pre-wake configuration of a platform associated to the device
9 9,015,507 Memory data inversion for reducing power consumption
10 9,015,484 Symmetric key distribution framework for the Internet
11 9,015,461 Booting an operating system of a system using a read ahead technique
12 9,015,455 Processsor integral technologies for BIOS flash attack protection and notification
13 9,015,453 Packing odd bytes from two source registers of packed data
14 9,015,436 Performing an atomic operation without quiescing an interconnect structure
15 9,015,415 Multi-processor computing system having fast processor response to cache agent request capacity limit warning
16 9,015,404 Persistent log operations for non-volatile memory
17 9,015,388 Controlling access to storage in a computing device
18 9,015,268 Remote direct storage access
19 9,014,765 Mobile platform tracking in wireless networks
20 9,014,718 Location sensing using channel fading fingerprinting
21 9,014,710 Method and wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) for receiving multimedia broadcast/multicast service
22 9,014,702 Location processing in small cells implementing multiple air interfaces
23 9,014,650 Received signal to noise indicator
24 9,014,637 Dynamic switching frequency control of an on-chip or integrated voltage regulator
25 9,014,564 Light receiver position determination
26 9,014,493 Analytics assisted encoding
27 9,014,376 Method and apparatus for low-power AP-assisted fast wireless roaming using optimized neighbor graphs
28 9,014,246 Multimode multicarrier modem system and method of communication over the same
29 9,014,211 Reducing the maximum latency of reserved streams
30 9,014,209 Apparatus, method and system of wireless communication according to a protocol adaptation layer (PAL) management protocol
31 9,014,175 Routing of voice internet protocol packets to a selected processor
32 9,014,118 Signaling for wireless communications
33 9,014,091 Network architecture for dual active personae cellular mobile devices
34 9,014,064 Scheduling and hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) timing indication for an uplink-downlink (UL-DL) reconfiguration
35 9,013,941 DRAM with pulse sense amp
36 9,013,861 Charge storage device, method of making same, method of making an electrically conductive structure for same, mobile electronic device using same, and microelectronic device containing same
37 9,013,633 Displaying data on lower resolution displays
38 9,013,423 Adaptive virtual keyboard for handheld device
39 9,013,401 Method and apparatus for measuring audience size for a digital sign
40 9,013,213 Digital fractional frequency divider
41 9,013,207 Method and apparatus for chip self deactivation
42 9,013,158 Switched mode power supply and a method for operating a switched mode power supply
43 9,012,284 Nanowire transistor devices and forming techniques
44 9,011,022 Combined optical and electrical interface
45 9,010,618 Magnetic attachment structure