Intel patents granted on 21 August 2007

38 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,260,848 Hardened extensible firmware framework
2 7,260,835 Bluetooth.TM. based security system
3 7,260,766 Iterative decoding process
4 7,260,736 Method and apparatus for detecting and correcting clock duty cycle skew in a processor
5 7,260,706 Branch misprediction recovery using a side memory
6 7,260,705 Apparatus to implement mesocode
7 7,260,704 Method and apparatus for reinforcing a prefetch chain
8 7,260,691 Apparatus and method for initialization of a double-sided DIMM having at least one pair of mirrored pins
9 7,260,684 Trace cache filtering
10 7,260,674 Programmable parallel lookup memory
11 7,260,672 Using data stored in a destructive-read memory
12 7,260,661 Processing replies to request packets in an advanced switching context
13 7,260,659 Rate matching apparatus, systems, and methods
14 7,260,592 Addressing mode and/or instruction for providing sine and cosine value pairs
15 7,260,562 Solutions for constraint satisfaction problems requiring multiple constraints
16 7,260,393 Systems and methods for reducing communication unit scan time in wireless networks
17 7,260,392 Seamless teardown of direct link communication in a wireless LAN
18 7,260,368 Linear amplification with non-linear components (LINC) modulator and method for generating out-phased signals for a LINC transmitter
19 7,260,362 Method and apparatus for establishing ad hoc groups in a wireless communication network
20 7,260,361 Locating interfering devices in wireless networks using channel adaptation metrics
21 7,260,296 Measuring the position of passively aligned optical components
22 7,260,282 Integratable optical waveguide isolator
23 7,260,281 Integratable optical isolator in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer configuration
24 7,260,139 Method to reduce the number of bits per soft bit
25 7,260,106 Method and apparatus for managing energy usage of processors while executing protocol state machines
26 7,260,007 Temperature determination and communication for multiple devices of a memory module
27 7,259,982 Reading phase change memories to reduce read disturbs
28 7,259,965 Integrated circuit coolant microchannel assembly with targeted channel configuration
29 7,259,961 Reconfigurable airflow director for modular blade chassis
30 7,259,904 Coarse spectrometer with a grating
31 7,259,875 Conversion of unformatted data to a viewable format using a plurality of plug-able formatters
32 7,259,769 Dynamic backlight and image adjustment using gamma correction
33 7,259,750 Extended stand computer system with non-retractable carrying handle
34 7,259,453 Hexagonal array structure for ball grid array packages
35 7,259,344 Application of static light to a fluid of CNTs for purposes of sorting the CNTs
36 7,259,109 Electrospray and enhanced electrospray deposition of thin films on semiconductor substrates
37 7,259,023 Forming phase change memory arrays
38 7,258,965 Pre-exposure of patterned photoresist films to achieve critical dimension reduction during temperature reflow