Intel patents granted on 21 August 2012

26 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,250,641 Method and apparatus for dynamic switching and real time security control on virtualized systems
2 8,250,639 Micro and macro trust in a decentralized environment
3 8,250,602 Method and apparatus for providing personalized supplemental programming
4 8,250,573 Audio subsystem sharing in a virtualized environment
5 8,250,456 Structured web advertising
6 8,250,435 Memory error detection and/or correction
7 8,250,416 Redundant acknowledgment in loopback entry
8 8,250,406 Operational state preservation in the absence of AC power
9 8,250,374 Method and apparatus for verifying authenticity of initial boot code
10 8,250,364 Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
11 8,250,334 Providing metadata in a translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
12 8,250,311 Satisfying memory ordering requirements between partial reads and non-snoop accesses
13 8,250,254 Offloading input/output (I/O) virtualization operations to a processor
14 8,250,253 Method, apparatus and system for reduced channel starvation in a DMA engine
15 8,250,165 Method and system for communicating between memory regions
16 8,249,853 Exposing device features in partitioned environment
17 8,249,580 Method of measurement reporting, method of handling measurement reports, cellular radio terminal and cellular radio network unit
18 8,249,507 Techniques for wireless network communications with high-directional steerable antennas combining quasi omni-directional transmissions with beamforming training
19 8,249,395 System, method, and computer program product for picture resizing
20 8,249,257 Virtual TPM keys rooted in a hardware TPM
21 8,249,140 Direct macroblock mode techniques for high performance hardware motion compensation
22 8,249,137 In-situ jitter tolerance testing for serial input output
23 8,249,089 Methods for pushing address translations mappings to PCI express endpoints
24 8,249,030 Adapting TXOP requests for multi-radio platforms
25 8,248,124 Methods and apparatuses for delay-locked loops and phase-locked loops
26 8,247,897 Blank including a composite panel with semiconductor chips and plastic package molding compound and method and mold for producing the same