Intel patents granted on 21 December 2010

13 US patents granted on 21 December 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,856,633 LRU cache replacement for a partitioned set associative cache
2 7,856,584 Unequal error protection apparatus, systems, and methods
3 7,856,551 Dynamically discovering a system topology
4 7,856,537 Hybrid hardware and software implementation of transactional memory access
5 7,856,465 Combined fast fourier transforms and matrix operations
6 7,856,348 System and method for generation of synthetic parallel application kernels using tracing information
7 7,856,212 Millimeter-wave phase-locked loop with injection-locked frequency divider using quarter-wavelength transmission line and method of calibration
8 7,856,000 Apparatus and method capable of improved coexistence of multiple wireless communication techniques
9 7,855,594 Fine gain and phase adjustment of analog quadrature filters
10 7,855,575 Wide voltage range level shifter with symmetrical switching
11 7,855,103 Wirebond structure and method to connect to a microelectronic die
12 7,855,102 Method, system, and apparatus for a secure bus on a printed circuit board
13 7,854,703 Peripheral neuropathy detection